Reptilians (in the astral)

Hi, I’m wondering what are ur thoughts about reptilian entities, in the astral realm I mean, I dunno if they exist in the physical as you and me but, I had had some experience with those guys, violent experiences.

I have read a little about them, there are lots of theories and too much conspiracy theories, I do believe in some conspiracies yet, this whole reptilian thing has messed up a little with my soul traveling practice.

I have seen two types, a big one, much like the guy from the last spiderman movie, but thinner, and when i fought him I remember the scream, it was like a pig being slaughtered. It was self defense tho.

the other kind is little, kind of like a little kid, dark green and the head was weird, kind of like open at top. It remind me a little to the Kappas of japan mithology, tho it did not share any other characteristic, since there is no much water where I live.

I am wondering if any of you have any info or experience with them, I thinking evoking one or something. All I know is that I’m gonan defend myself is needed but I would like to know more about them.

Their my buddies. the main one I work with used to be any enemy but we settled our diferences recently and she works pretty closely with me now. Not all of them are bad like the david icke crowd makes them out to be nor are they what those quacks think they are. Another thing is there are many different types, just as you observed.

As for what these are, read the myths and legends of reptiles such as the serpent of the garden of eden, thats a clue you can follow. There are bad ones though if you want to work with one, find an entity you trust and have it let you meet one who is in alignment with what you are about.

Thanks defectron, I will try to interact with them before anything else, who knows if I end up with a nice ally.

Either way about legends, I have read good things … and very nasty things, tho I won’t judge since humans are like that too.

I’ll post any advances if anyone is interested in such entities

Both sides of it are true.