Reposting: handprints on my mirror

Reposting this because no one gave me their input on this. This was from a couple days ago, Found a handprint that isn’t Mine on my mirror with an eye on the right side of the of it. The hand actually looks a little smaller. Update, just found two more handprints on my mirror, these seem really fast paced handprints. What’s so crazy is that before I noticed that first one, those weren’t there from my reconciliation. Seems like it just popped out of nowhere. The pic is from the other two. Both of the handprints are completely different one has more thicker fingers then the second one. The second one is skinner. Softer touch. Couldn’t get the first one cuz it was up against a white wall. I cleaned the mirror because number one it kept on getting dirty. Come back later in the night to notice a new handprint on the mirror after I cleaned it. This time it was handprints on top of each other. Doing some deep breathing so I don’t become paranoid, but this is honestly kinda creepy. The hand does not look human. Can someone please give me their opinion on this. I clean it, a hand print pops right back onto the mirror, what does this mean???

What do you think it means? No one else here knows what paths you’ve been walking.

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If I knew what it was I wouldn’t be coming on here. This has never happened before.

Perhaps someone that died or one of your ancestors is trying to get your attention…

The fingerprint on my mirror has 6 fingers, what does that mean?

Sorry if my first response came off as dismissive; what I meant was, it’s like asking “how long is a piece of string?” - well, it depends.

Have you been working with spirits or entities? Does this strike your mind as a synchronity of some sort or a response to a question you’ve had or a situation you are going through? Events can only have the importance you give to them. It’s like me saying “I chucked an empty beer can at the bin but I missed and the beer can landed on the floor, what does this mean?” – it is only significant in context or as part of a pattern.

Walking any kind of spiritual path is a completely subjective experience, unfortunately you can’t just look up phenomena in an encyclopaedia and get a definitive answer to everything. Perhaps in the coming days or weeks there will be some other signs that are revealed to you and you’ll link them to this particular event. Perhaps it means that your mind is opening up more to the influence of the spiritual world. Perhaps some spirit is trying to gain your attention.

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If that’s the case I’m fine with that i’ve done quite a bit of stuff with spirit and entities in the last couple of years so I can’t really pinpoint it down to one specific time. Honestly how I see it and until I’m showing something different, I think this is the reach for help because I’m seeing baby finger prints adult fingerprint. Its just very odd because this is never happened before. Normally I have a dream or something.