Repeating fortunes and Anubis?

So I’ve an addictions to Fortune cookies. I’ve been pulling repeating fortunes. I opened one from yesterday that I grabbed but forgot about. It said something like “a lover will come into your life soon” a couple days ago, one said id “have an exciting adventure this weekend.” I opened one from today which repeated the one from yesterday about finding a lover. I’ve also pulled “look around, happiness is just trying to catch you”

Do you guys think it’s talking about Anubis or someone else?


That is really cool. I think it could be a possibility! Especially if things just keep adding up like they have been.

You could ask Anubis if those cookies were him sending you messages haha :smiley:


He could be sending an incarnation of his too.

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I never thought of that O.o That’d be interesting.

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