Repeat an evocation?

Hello everybody.
I have a noob question for all you experienced evocators. I have performed an evocation of Lukorst. Everything seems to have gone well but there was no full manifestation. I am pretty certain the sigil activated correctly and the atmosphere in the room changed somewhat. I made my requests and dismissed him.
If you are unsure about the success of an evocation, when would you repeat it?

Is this your first evocation? If so how are your astral eyes?

You do not NEED to see a spirit in order to have a successful evocation, it helps but in the end results are what matter.

It sounds like you are unsure if you evoked anything. In that case I would do some divination. If it comes up that you got Lukorst on the line then you are good, just work on overcoming your attachment to the outcome.

Also, Welcome to BALG.

You would not repeat it, unless you received no result. You do NOT need a full manifestation. Wait a few weeks for the result, THEN you can try again.

Thanks for the input! I will be patient and watch for good things to happen. :slight_smile:

If you don’t get a manifestation, then you should be using a divination tool to be communicating with the entity. Otherwise you don’t know what it requires for payment or if it accepts the job.

I just got through performing a divination using Lukorst’s sigil and a pendulum. I gazed through the sigil and called for lukorst until the sigil activated. I asked him if he would perform the requested task and he indicated a clear yes. He also indicated that nothing else was required of me. It sounds like things are good to go.


@ Orismen. This is my first evocation. And my astral sight is weak but developing… And thanks for the warm welcome!

Stronger manifestation = stronger result.

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