Removing Possession

Is there any spell for removing possession, or some kind of ritual than goes towards that goal??

I’ve tried to do an evokation 5 months ago and because of my lack of knowledge I got possessed by multiple entities. I dont know how many tho nor I identified what kind they are.

I’m literally on my breaking point because I’m still struggling to open my senses, and sweet talk isnt working on them. they’re extremely rude and full of lust, and no, not in the good way lol. I tried asking nicely but with no luck.

if someone has any idea I’d highly appreciate it!

side note: if you think I should evoke a spirit to help me solve it, I can’t. I want to do my initiation soon enough, but I still need some time, and I literally can’t wait until then because I’m feeling I’m going mad.

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Try contacting Archangel Michael for protection.

I’m kinda having the same problem as you
what did you do to get rid of em?

My friend only kind of got rid of them, or more control of them, really by going to a mental institution.

Sage kind of helped.

I would say to ground yourself then do a cleansing of your Chakras

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did it help because they left the house or did the medication help?

I just think he has better control of it, because he sobered up.

Then kind if went crazy when they had a taste of my soul and he couldn’t hide it.

they came for you too?

What has attracted to you are really attracted to me, if it is what I think it is. They like to tell me why and when they attach to certain people.

If it’s early you have a better chance of fighting it off, and remember it is trying to drag you to your lowest.

shit so you’re saying you’re dealing with the same thing?
it’s really not fear I was just getting out my lowest times
can you communicate with them?
is it only one thing or more?

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"“It is not what goes into a man that makes him unclean, but what comes out of a man” ( Jesus quote ). Spirits jump into a person, no problem, self control and not do anything ‘criminal’, or inappropriate ( murder, rape, thievery, etc. ), and there is no problem ( sin ? ).
Okay, so, I don’t want to take that bible verse out of context. He was talking about eating with unwashed hands, NOT Demon possession. But we might still be able to apply it with spirits .