Removing of hinderings

Now when we are in here in the waning moon I have thought about to look at magick to remove my lack of motivation, bad habit, obsession, bad hips. I feel I my intellect and intelligence are in decline. I feel I getting weaker both intellectually and when it comes to will. It always my will there is problems. I don’t where it comes from and I research all the time. I’m lost.

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If you want to work with spirits, then spirits that can influence the mind - or deal with psychology/emotions would be a good choice. A quick :mag_right: on the forum will yeild LOTS of results :smiley:.

If you want to do your own spell/work with your own energies. Then I might suggest shadow working, subconscious reprogramming, or other similar things.

I was thinking elemental and planetary. I look at the planet’s positive and negative qualities. The same with the elements.

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Hmm ok. Makes more sense. I’d better let someone with more experience, chime in.