Removing Financial Obstacles


So - having incurred quite a lot of debt in my earlier youthful idiocy - and realizing that it’s going to take a ridiculous amount of work to get it all paid off without getting stupid and filing a chapter 7or 13 - I turned to magick.
I performed several rituals. Without divulging too much about this, I will express that one of the debtors with which I still had a remaining balance of nearly $3,000 has lost all information pertaining to my debt, and has actually refunded my last payment as that they can no longer find any information concerning that particular account.
Magick - it works :slight_smile:


honestly, I threw everything I could at the problem while yet remaining as distant and unhindered by it as possible. Maintaining such a disassociation from such a pressing issue is not easy. I would assume even somebody who has mastered void and focus may still have trouble with keeping financial issues at bay. Which may very well be one of the major reasons money magick is so tough for so many people to get to work. I’m not saying I’ve found some crazy secret - I haven’t. But I did use as many methods as possible that don’t require the letting go of the issue. Such as physical elemental magick and psionics.
One other thing I would attribute to this, is the magickal imagination. The more energy and the more solidly the image appears before you, the faster it will condense into reality.
In fact, going to get totally off topic here - this is something I’m presently wondering about. The imagination is first mental, right? Then it condenses into an astral form, then - eventually becoming a physical reality. However, I wonder if causing an image - a mental realm entity - to appear before you as if it were actually there in a mirage-like fashion, and there is tell that it’s possible to project so well that you cannot discern the difference between a projection and reality except that you know it’s your own projection. In fact, it is supposed to be possible for such a projection to be seen by a non-practicing onlooker. What is the significance of that? Astral vibrance or psychic projection? Is the magickal imagination simply the condensation into an astral form? Giving it energy, purpose, intelligence, and quality - it seems the condensation into an astral form may very well be what the “magickal imagination” is. I’ve tried to think of ways to test this, but so far, I haven’t been able to think of one.


Well, I’ll throw in my thoughts on this topic. In the way I understand your post, DK, if I got it twisted, correct me.
I am currently studying the theories of Burkhard Heim, a German physicist who died in 2001. In order to fully explain the behavior of particles, he postulated a 6-dimensional universe (x1-x6). x1-x4 are the dimensions we know very well, plus time. x5 and x6, however, contain functions of existence, that haven’t been tried to be put into a scientific/physical cosmology yet (as far as I know). x5 is an “organizing” dimension, and x6 is a dimension of teleology, it gives existence “purpose”, so to speak.
x5 and x6 together build streams of activity, conceptual patterns, that can’t be measured by checking devices. These conceptual patterns are stuff like ideas (in a philosophical sense), meaning ( in a fundamental sense) and information. These are all nonphysical attributes. The interaction of x5 and x6 creates these streams of activity. The physical effect of these streams of activity is such, that these streams of activity, when projected into space-time, form gravitons, gravitational waves, and therefore alter/change the probability distribution of matter, or to put it bluntly, change/shape physical reality. That could be a model of how magick works, cause imagination can, through x5 and x6, change physical matter reality when it’s projected into space time. Besides that, this model gives a nice description of what human consciousness is.
The electrical activity of the human brain must be somehow transformed into a experiential quality. Experiential quality, however, isn’t something physical. (That’s why there are still scientists out there who actually claim that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of this biological machine we inhabit. They basically call it a useless byproduct.)
According to Heim, in these trans dimensions, there are 16 of these streams of activity, for every biological organism. They can “ascend” and “descend” (into- and out of space time). That’s his definition of consciousness. When we go to sleep these streams of activity pull back. The body can keep operating, yet consciousness has gone away. So according to this model, magick is changing our perspective/focus slightly out of x1-x4 into x5 and x6.
There we restructure the “idea”, overlaying the physical universe a little bit (through condensed and concentrated thought) and come back. So, coming back to your post DK, what about seeing the “magickal imagination” as an ability to consciously enter those dimensions of ideas. It would basically be an expansion of 4d consciousness into 5d/6d consciousness, so you’re able to operate in both worlds simultaneously. A state and skill that’s achieved through years of exploring both worlds until eventually the veil, if not disappears completely, has surely worn very thin?


Do you guys know any entities that can handle such things?


I seem to remember somebody recommending King Paimon for such tasks. I have also called on both angels and demons of justice in this matter - as that even the angels, I’m sure, consider what debt collectors do grave and despicable acts of injustice.


Would a simpler analysis for this be …
Thought plus energy equals mater, and vice-versa. The ability to transmute mental energy into a specific material form, or is that too simplistic ?


[quote=“Zukara, post:6, topic:471”]Would a simpler analysis for this be …
Thought plus energy equals mater, and vice-versa. The ability to transmute mental energy into a specific material form, or is that too simplistic ?[/quote]

I could be wrong with this - but I think thought IS energy and matter is just a specific type of configuration of thought. Buuuut don’t quote me on that. :slight_smile: