Removing ancient burial remains, dark consequeces?

In terms of Magick, has any sense traditional claims about removing ancient tombs and remains and then disgraces and dark consequences arising from that action?

(in terms of magick and general spiritualism)

I definitely don’t recommend it , according to my understanding , there usually would be a variety of spirits protecting such things , like graveyards etc , and sites of the dead .


That sounds like a not good idea.

So generally your looking at is either the lower self (from the daoist concepts of 3 selves) that has anchored itself on the lower planes as a result of a strong emotional obsession of somekind which is where you get among other things the standard ghost stories of spirits that seem to always replaying a specific set of events in time.

Another avenue that arises is the cultural Servators created to protect places like tombs and burial grounds. This is where myths like the mummies curse or the Indian graveyard curses come from. They are servators creates or programmed to become self sufficient but were not made with a termination date so they outlive their creators.

These as far as i have learned are the more commons types that get circulated in stories.

Less common ones that is talked about by desecrating a burial grounds is the local nature spirits that have made the area their home.
This is why for example if you need something like graveyard dirt for a ritual of some kind it is a common practice to leave an offering in exchange. Usually of food or drink. The most common one i ha e heard about is an offering of rum and simple fruits.

Death is a 0 energy you can feel it cold, inert, the death it’s a powerful energy which remains in a place. Death is but devouring in spite of the static vibration. There are no dark consequences, it’s all Hollywood nonsense.