Hi Luxompax, could you give an example of one of the exercises that are in the book?

Would this be the same as “The Art and Practice of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization”?

As Luxompax wrote- Ophiel’s writings are deep. The above text implies alot (and doesn’t spell it all out, so if just lightly read- not catch where I sense is there)…

even more so The Art of Practice of Astral Projection (alot in that one, much i’ve seen other writers recently saying they revealed new ideas and yet are within that book).

I’ve mentioned above books in other posts, I wonder if any have read them (in Creative Viz book: the translator-doorway he mentions, or in Astral Projection book: “eventually you become Dual. you can not only ‘project’ walking around, but being in “both” at once.” -a new pt of perspective.)

Based on the cover, it looks like it involves some of the Tattva images that EA outlines in QaV, is that correct?

That was quick. I’ve read the excerpts of the book on Amazon and just bought it. I’m very intrigued about these laws and I do hope that practicing with these would help me become an efficient magickian.

So I’ve been reading it… I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Maybe I have spent a lot of time reading, but I’m not sure how anyone misses these concepts being a practitioner of the arts. Also, it seemed like what I was reading was very… “safe” is the word I could use for it. I pretty much stopped at The Sphere of Availability point.

I’ve read it.

The Law of Binding was an epiphany for me considering my previous and even my recent magickal works… never anyone spoke to me about this phenomenon that was so frustrating for me!

This is so striking I think I’ll open a new discussion about this specific so-called Law.

Well I guess the primary thing was that I guess maybe I’ve read a lot about this subject, because, and this is just me here, I’ve read a lot of New Age books (and man, I wouldn’t want to do that again), and this has all pretty much been mentioned in them. That’s kind of how I felt reading this, like I was about to start reading another “11 Laws of Attraction” book, and after finishing it, I didn’t really feel any different. I mean, this is just me here, but it sounds like more of a “get an edge in life” approach rather than living solely through magic, which is my aim. So the usefulness of the book is based on who reads it really.