Remove a protection spell

Hey how the f*#k could I remove a protection spell? I know the person I’ve been working on has one… is there anyway to remove it so the entity Ive put to work on her can get through? Is there any entity I can ask to remove it? Thanks guys :blush::blush:

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Try Fortiar, the Binding Demon from Kingdoms of Flame.

He “has the power to bind or even destroy the gifts of another, the permanence of which depends solely on the victim’s own magickal skill.”


Awesome thank you I’ll keep that in mind

One thing I’ve noticed is the strength of the demon or spirit can’t be more than the practitioner’s so everything you do is based on your belief in yourself and if you have enough strength to pull any spells off, otherwise the beings you evoke will be just as weak or strong as you are. I hope that made sense. :joy: In other words skill is a moot point, if you are too weak to break the other person the demon won’t help too much if at all. This has been my experience. It really is just you against the enemy, not much else can help you but can brace your efforts so they don’t collapse at a crucial moment… perhaps. Good luck.


There’s a method in psionic warfare that I like depending on what protection spell they’re using. Create a leech servitor that drains the energy from their protections. Then once it’s weak enough, use the energy that your servitor harvested and add that to your ritual


Hey I’m having trouble finding Fortiar anywhere

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Can any of the seasoned members verify this?

I must say that that is false. The point of working with entities is that they can do things in ways we cannot or with degrees of effect that we can’t achieve with our own powers. Once we can do things by ourselves, there is no point in asking for help. When I was younger, almost just starting working with demons, Azazel did tremendous miracles for me when I barely could use a pendulum.

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You will find him in the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame, by EA Koetting.

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Thank you!!

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He’s kinda right. It’s the force of your will and desire these beings use.