Remote Telepathy

Is it remotely possibly to connect with a person telepathically if you have their first name and location, but have never met them face to face?

I know someone very important that I need to meet in person, but haven’t yet, and the app we use to talk - Kik - is shutting down. If he doesn’t log on before the servers shut down, I’ll be unable to give him alternate contact info and we’ll lose touch possibly forever.

I know it’s a long shot, but I’m trying to think of anything I can do in a worst case scenario. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help/advise on this.


You can do a technique where you imagine the place, then repeat the name of the person, then send an astral cord of light ( any color, if any ) from your third eye to the location of the person, then command the astral cord to seek out the person that you are seeking, command the cord to attach to the 3rd eye of the person, and send a thought and seek to receive thoughts. Also, sending a ball of light back and forth between your 3rd eye and the 3rd eye of the other person, to help information flow and keeping the connection strong.
Source of this technique is from the Satanic Telepathic Communication technique in the Power Meditations volume 2 at the Joy of Satan’s website


Above method is all you need.
For some reasons it does not work out, divination n automatic writing can help. Seek a competant professional for that. Also, if your astral senses are open you can evoke a spirit n ask them. Duke Dantalion would be perfect for your scenario.

I’ve evoked Lord Dantalion and come to an agreement with him to facilitate contact between myself and the person I mentioned. He agreed to help and to communicate his request for an offering via my dreams if I understood him correctly. As has been the case for others, he appeared to me in a black cloak with many shimmering faces and bright white light coming from his eyes.

He guided me to draw out the names of each party (myself and the target) around his sigil to connect him to each, and to sign it. Through my hand, he countersigned it to confirm his agreement. Now we wait for him to deliver and appear in my dreams.

In the interim, hail Lord Dantalion!

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Oh this post is so much fun. I don’t know about all that stuff for telepathy, I do telepathy all the time, I made contact with aliens and they showed up the next day, I can get people to meet me places sometimes, but it is a bit different the way I see it, there is some ups and downs about the reality that I see in regards to it. You don’t need a fancy ritual to do telepathy with someone, just go in your head and start talking, that is all you actually have to do and they will hear you. The problem is the won’t hear you well and will be more or less unconscious of the fact that they are hearing you. In the case of a kik friend it would probably be better to get the contact info or work with Dantalion. If you live in the same town and you can give a clue as to what they look like it shouldn’t be too hard to get them to meet up with you if they are interested as well. But your connection is stronger right after you talk to them, right after you talk with them it is hard to shut off for a bit.

Anyways Dantalion is interesting. I am still discovering what to expect. First I got a sigil, then I got a dream, then another sigil, then not much, than I gave another offering, than more sigils, and now I am going over events in my mind and it is like I am on the verge of becoming that limitless person, I am fitting together these really weird mysterious clues to my case that I never seen before, it is like a detective show only good this last little bit. It seems like he must start off slow but then he starts gaining speed and then it is a super weird trip or something right?

Oh and that is the other thing the sigils. These are some of the coolest looking sigils, and last time I looked at the they were super active and I could see all this energy coming from them but I have no idea as of yet as to what to do with them, is this like anyone’s experience? Haha I feel like Michael Douglas in the game just a little.

It seems like color works similar to the colors and use of said colors in candle magick.

Colors represent certain wavelengths and frequencies. It is said that each chakra has a certain color to it, so the characteristics of the chakra, such as behaviors, actions, functions can be a means to understand how to use a specific color and group of colors in candle magic

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It worked! It fucking worked!! Within 24 hours of making this agreement with Lord Dantalion, I heard from the person this ritual was aimed at. We are exchanging new contact information as needed.

I haven’t had a dream I’ve remembered (as requested) yet about what Lord Dantalion wants in return for his help, though. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this?

Hail Lord Dantalion!


Happy for you! Glad it worked out!

Of course

I’m concerned about not knowing how to pay Lord Dantalion back, though, considering he hasn’t visited my dreams yet. What should I do?

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The offering isn’t on a ticking timer, love. While he hasn’t made a specific request, you can offer him something ‘generic’ (entities usually appreciate liquor, cigars, specialty incense, etc, but an offering of water is also noted, maybe check elsewhere on BALG as to what others have offered him) in the mean time. Don’t stress about it! If you feel absolutely obligated to, maybe try to contact Dantalion again and ask him explicitly what he’d like. But believe me, he hasn’t “forgotten” and it’s not your fault for not remembering any dreams you might’ve already had.

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