Remote seduction

Hi can anyone here tell me how to use remote seduction please

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Remote seduction is a visualisation technique to send thought into the subconscious mind of your chosen recipient via the meditative state.

Imagine the scene you want to happen with the person, a romantic scene or sexual, or keep it relatively friendly with smiles and laughter.

It might be good to spend some time building the scene that you will use regularly, rather than random different images each time, because with repeated scenes you key yourself into what you are trying to do and you can more easily remind yourself of the kind of energy that you are trying to send each time.


I believe in things like that, but I think you can probably also get blocked if they have shields or spirits can sometimes block it.


Yes and that’s why I hinted at:

Because friendly interaction is the basis for many great things, whether it’s for personal relationships, business, promotion, money, and you can add anything else to the list because after all remote seduction is all about creating influence in your favour for any type of thing you intend.

Of course it’s wise to consider what boundaries and limits may be there.
A friendly interaction, if it is genuine, can be hugely beneficial for both sides and if the intention is for mutual benefit then there will be much more chance of seeing success.

If your intention is to just pile in there to try and take what you want without consideration then how much success can you expect?

The main point is in seeing what you can genuinely perceive within any particular sphere of relevance/possibility and if feels achievable then you can dare to expect some level of success due to the nature of a genuine mutual benefit, and that genuine mutual benefit may then be seen as acceptable to a shielding or guiding spirit.


Honestly only if u master dream state etc u can be successful. Otherwise a spell be better.

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What spell do you recommande

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