Remote pyromancy?

So I thought of an idea to completely teach this ass hat a lesson ( I won’t go into details but I am not afraid of him cause I know he’s a fraud )

Is it possible to go into astral projection when you know pyromancy. And through astral projection light something on fire in another part of the world. If that is possible I will find out how to pull the energy to burn the MF alter down to the ground.

Thanks guys.

Or I’ll call a spirit that specializes in work with fire like an elemental or something so he might “knock a candle over by accident”. Idk. That might be a better/easier option if that could even happen.

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Yeah…no. It’s highly improbable to have that kind of noticeable physical affect via projection.

What you could attempt, however, is to manifest an astral fire in the equivalent of the target’s space, and hope it eventually manifests in the material world. There is the buffer of time, though, before any astral object or event manifests physically, so there is no telling how long it could take to actually get any sort of result.

Keltar, the Demon of Slaughter, from Kingdoms of Flame. He “slays men by diverse methods and in painful ways. His preference, however, is to slay by fire.”


I feel this would be a more probable and realistic idea. Thank you. I have the book too so I can do this.