Reminder: No Political Posting Or Topics, Please! 👍

Posting this as a reminder, because feelings may be running high with current unrest going on:

As of 5th September 2018, the only subject – whether for debate or for magickal working groups, or sharing work done – that is prohibited is politics: specifically, topics whose title and/or main premise is party politics, direct and overt promotion of any form of identity politics, and comments about mass migration of persons of any group across national borders, be it for, against, or other.

This applies across all viewpoints, “left” and “right,” pro-authoritarian or pro-libertarian and all other views, and no bias will be shown in applying this policy, regardless of the known preferences of moderators/admins/other members. Because we are all human, and have our own views, but this matters:

  • This is at the direct request of the forum owners and you can read Timotthy’s statement about that here.

Obviously the line at which something becomes political (especially in recent years, with the rise of identity politics as a mainstream topic) can be blurred, for this reason it will be general policy to separate any posts that venture into these areas and make them a PM conversation where people may continue the discussion in private, rather than drastic sanctions for crossing a line it is all-but-impossible to define.

This way, members are not having to hold their breath lest they mis-step, but obviously, don’t take the piss: goodwill shown, requires a good faith endeavour to stay within the lines.

  • At all times content in the same thread that is not political will be conserved in situ as far as possible, which means that steering a topic someone dislikes into political waters will not result in that topic being locked, deleted, or made PM.

Profile Flair & Group Messages

You may discuss politics as much as you wish in a group private message. Just enumerate your political worldview in your About Me under Preferences on your Profile, give consent to participate in group chats, and chatters can add you to private group threads — and you may leave those chats any time also.

These are the words of Timothy, co-founder OF BALG. Simple concept, simple to apply. :wink:

Finally, you may from time to time happen across posts from before this policy was in effect which have a markedly political content, and if that happens, please use the flag icon underneath the three dots … at the bottom of that post and use the flag for Off Topic, no-one will be sanctioned for posts that were of that nature before the policy was introduced, this is solely to protect new forum members from being misled as to what can be discussed by the existence of older threads and comments of this nature.

If anyone spots an infringing post please drop a flag fpr “Inappropriate” on it and also, politely let the person know, they may not be aware, and they have one hour from the time it’s posted to edit their post.

Anything that seems to be turning into a heated debate, please, Regulars, move it off the public forums to the Lounge, pending mod/admin logging on. :+1:

Update: I am going to keep this both pinned and given a daily visibility bump now until mid-November, so no-one gets off to a shaky start if they join here to post about magick or divination connected to current events, or the upcoming American elections. :us:


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