Remembering your astral experience

I know we all have had a hard time remembering our experience during an astral travel. I know I have had the most vivid experience and come back able to recall every detail and then there were times when it was like “OK that was an hour of blank that I will never get back guess we just call it a good nap”. I know why it is and it has to do with what parts of your brain are capable of being active during certain brainwave state. The fact that we can remember anything at all from our dreams astral travels etc is actually quite miraculous. My question is has anyone come up with any techniques or technologies to have more consistency? I found binaural beats help some.

Yes - this plagued me, then I got a voice recorder and now I verbally repeat anything spirits say, I also talk about things I see, so a typical recording will be like maybe 30 seconds or more silence, then “big gateway, orange lions” then 15s nothing, then “old man, opening chest - Do you want to see the origins of Socrates? - gives me parchment” - I mean that’s just silly examples but that’s how my recordings tend to go.

I plug and play on the same computer I take notes on, I’m used to taking dictation and the smallest thing will jog my visual and sensory memory, so I may also add “the gates smelled of jasmine and primroses” or something, whereas without the recording I’d have been struggling to recall what I saw sometimes.

I’ll sometimes keep a notepad and pen by my right hand, I’m used to coming out of trance enough to quickly draw anything important, I also use really cartoonish ways to describe stuff that make sense to me, like “guy has crown like whale grills, looks like Mickey Rooney” which never seems to offend spirits because I’m being totally sincere and just trying to anchor the image, though I have had some spirits look amused or put out when I verbally repeat their words aloud, but never in a bad way, more that they don’t understand (so of course I always tell them why).

This has saved me SO MUCH lost info and aggravation!!

One of my brothers mentioned to me one time about putting Rosemary pouch around your neck when doing meditations and travels to aid in memory. I had completely forgotten about remembering the Rosemary lol. Supposedly the Romans would burn dried rosemary during funerals as part of remembering the dead. My memory is wierd I can remember obscure facts and information but for the life of me I can’t rember what I had for breakfast…
Most likely I drank my breakfast nice Irish coffee :wink:

Healing frequencies, binaural beats help. I also always pen and paper close by. I love to write and try to write everything I think was important down. But sometimes a few days later I’ll remember something that I just blew off at the time as being just a simple detail and it turns out to be the most profound.

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That happens to me, it’s really important, though not always humanly possible IMO, to get every detail, even silly things. But yeah, I’ve absolutely had this happen, and probably will again. :\

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I have never really had a problem remembering that specific thing in path working but I do with dreaming. I developed a technique to call forth my dreams for this reason which I basically go into a deep trance and channel my dream from the depths of my mind and usually it plays like a movie with no thoughts being able take place in my conscious mind. Its kind of neat because I have really struggled with dream work BC for some reason I don’t remember any dreams. So if u ever have troubles again try that it really does help. Even though your travels are spiritual and you visit a different realm it eaves an imprint upon your spirit and your mind. Its a concept I have notices to be true with myself.

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There is in i think koetting mastering divination or soult trave course? a exercise where you have to write your dreams every morning first secound you wake up, becouse faster you wake up more you will remember of your dreams becouse time leap between dreaming and normal state is very short only few secounds, even if you say to your self:“I will keep this in my head and write it later” you probably will forget about everything…When you think about it, it shold be the same case with astral traveling or possesion or evocation and invocation faster you come to alpha state after theta gama state you will remember more and becouse you will with time trick your train your brain to remember everything you encounter in theta gama state.That exercise relly helped me to remember my dreams and to can induce astral traveling while im in dreams or contact enteties while im there.

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I do it waking, and when I do, I always make sure to create some sort of physical circumstance that will express later and trigger memories about the projection- anything that I forget, gets “relit” by the physical occurrence, which triggers full recollection.

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