Relics for sale

I’ve been thinking about making relics for about a year now and with Dante reveling that he isn’t reliable, I’ve decided to do a small relics service. Right now it is only me and one other guy who is 14th or 15th flame oaa. Mostly just just testing out various things and planning batches of relics… we decided to offer three items publicly.

The first is a ring charged in an evocation with the power of the gatekeepers, this is actually an intense item so if you are a natural empath this isn’t for you. The ring is for people who want intense protection and to have their ascent sped up to ungodly degrees. It costs $550 which includes the actual ring and the shipping

Egregores are the second. These bastards take a few weeks to get right, so you will basically Skype me up and tell me what you’re looking for. I’ll then go and use the Hebrew alphabet to make its name and figure out its attributes. Then i go through and figure out what planetary sphere, figure out its elements, etc. Basically we take our time on these things and then we will skype again and I’ll tell you exactly how to make this bastard powerful as hell within six months. After we make these things and you get the info we destroy all our info. The egrigore has it ingrained in it that you are its master so you don’t have to worry about it kicking your ass when it gets powerful lol. The price on those is $400

The third is something you’ve never seen before and you’re not going to see anywhere. It is an epic mjolnir pendant possessed by thor himself for protection and guidance, Damn thing is uber powerful. To be honest we haven’t even tested this thing out so I can’t even tell you what it really does, but i can tell you it has a shit ton of power. Cost on that is $700

Anyways if you have any questions or want an item, feel free to inbox me at

These are done in batches. Rings will be made very soon, egregores can be made anytime, and the mjolnir pendants will be made in a few months. All the metal is silver, anything less is really disrespectful and we go for quality made items. I wouldn’t give something to you that I wouldn’t use myself

Custom items also available. Just drop me an email, I don’t charge for consults over Skype or anything like that

Not a bad idea, I might try making some to sell as well sometime.