Reliable sigil?

Does anyone have a reliable sigil to Lucifuge Rofocale? so far I found two i dont know their sources or if reliable. thx
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this one says “Lucifuge Rofocale aka. Focalor (sigil)” however E.A. has said they are two completely different entities.
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I’ve used the second one and had success, though I’ve never tried the top one. Going off my experience ( I used to work a lot with lucifuge ), he is separate from Focalor.

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That’s from the Grimoire of Pape Honorius i believe.


This from the Grand Grimoire.

Either one should work fine for summoning Lou. :+1:

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I would agree with EA on that one. The bottom one is indeed for Focalor. If you are calling on Lucifuge and you use the bottom one, you may be in for an interesting ride.


Very true lol. Thank you