Reliable methods of divination without tools?

I’d like to ask, other than just straight pulling readings from thin air, what kind of reliable reading methods one can practice without using any specialized tools like Tarot or Runes and such but instead using everyday items and/or environment? Other than raw intuition, what kind of such divination methods are practice-able and can be taken far enough to be called totally reliable, given the practitioner is able and willing to put in time and effort?
Are there any books or material on this subject? What would you suggest?

Another question I’d like to ask is about divination familiars. Have any of you had a spirit ally that always were available and easy to communicate with, that actively divined for you, gave you information on things and/or did so on request-basis without much delay and high reliability/accuracy?
Is there even much spirits willing to do that given the fact that your motives align? If so, then what are some ways of going about finding such ally?

You can divine in most things, for instance you could gut an animal and use how the blood. Obviously there is no exact guide with this method and is still focused on the magician.
Hard to describe but easy to do. In my experience this method was 100% reliable, I used to swear by it.
You could always create a spirit yourself. I’ve created spirits in the past and have got result surpassing established spirits and gods.

Is it more about truly creating something from scratch or just conceiving of idea and connecting to an already existing being, sure to exist given the infinite nature of the reality, etc.?

Creation from scratch yeah. Bare in mind you can’t create something more powerful than yourself.

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How do you know?

Its simple logic if you think about it. Its the kind of mind set you’ll need to develop to create this kind of thing.

Okay. I thought you were saying that it is impossible to create something stronger than yourself.

SDRZ. I couldnt help but notice your Avatar being very Creepily similar to Lady Eva’s in a very strange way. Ok that is all I just wanted to say that. You can call up spirits for Divination. Just create a divination circle of friends (spirits) and then give each other readings. I always get 7 additional readings from friends on every reading of my own (not counting readers in this group).

Why have you put a filter over Eva’s avatar? And yes, you won’t be able to create life stronger than yourself

Whoever have created you, are you saying that you, yourself will never have chance to be stronger than it?

I kinda find it disturbing when magicians say that something is impossible but that’s only my worldview.

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This is a decent topic and might be useful to other people.

On that topic, I like invisible Tarot cards, because yoiu can get duplicates (unlike a real deck) and I find that useful.