Releasing trauma with Lilith

i just had a very healing experience with lilith. basically she made me confront things in my past and i was crying like i never did before but it is much better now. i am very thankful for lilith and she has helped me a lot. i definitely recommend her to many people


Glad you are healing.
If you can share, did you use a pathworking or evocation?;

That’s amazing news. Letting go of the past is so important!

I’m doing something very similar with Lilith atm! It’s fascinating to see someone else doing it as well!


I’m interested in the idea of this. Almost feel like I may need to do this. But how? Where would I start?

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I’ve been exploring various astral realms with Lilith through her temple. It has been really intense. I need to grab all the notes I jotted down to make sense of them.

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i did evocation

@Rondmc222 Shadow work would be a good place to start. If you use the search function some posts and videos should come up that explain it’s purpose.