Release him

Thought I deeply connected to my perfectly dark partner but lost him along the way. I need more information and books about how to set him free. I fear I’ll never be able to release him from my soul and each day that goes by I become darker and the emptiness consumes me.


Without more context, or detail, no one will be able to provide you with any useful information or direction, as this post doesn’t really tell us anything.


I’m nervous to just put it all out there…some details are pretty risky.

I’ve turned some of my frustrations from this person into a dangerous sex addiction. I need stop.

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If you want help, you need to speak directly. I can understand being reserved about sharing personal details, but we cannot help you if you obfuscate what you are trying to say with flowery prose.

Is this the crux of your problem?


Yes. I feel like he has something to do with it. It’s a strange feeling like he’s there when he’s not physically there. He’s into this deep Magik stuff.

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Have you tried a cord cutting?

I haven’t spoken to him in a year… but he haunts me daily.

ok so what are you talking about? You are making it seem like this guy has used magick on you and is forcing you to still love you or something. Like your saying this guy has been lost to you and you need magick but why. I mean if the dude is dead and his spirit is haunting you a simple banishing ritual would do. If someone is using magick against you then you can use the link below. Your not makeing sense in what your explaning and you are literly putting your entire story on blast to people that practice magick.
Any one of whom could preform a divination to find out what your talking about so in my opinion there are no secrets.

September 2021 – V.K. Jehannum go to september of this year for the spell

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I asked if you did a cord cutting and you didn’t answer, so I assume you didn’t.

Try doing one.

You can also call on Opfaal from Kingdom of Flame or Focalor to remove any spells that you believe were cast on you.

Then bind him, protect yourself, and carry on.