Relationships in Ascent

So, let me start off by saying I ABSOLUTELY HATE RANDOM SPIRITS.

Now that that’s done, let me start the actual post.

I’m sure others have experienced romance in their paths. Infatuation. Something that isn’t just work. Well, there is a female that my physical body seems to be infatuated with. We talk, passing friends, etc- but I got a little worried when my subconscious challenged my next feeding, wondering if she’d approve.

Now, that’s not right. Naturally I wiped clean that part of my subconscious and continued with my day.

But I’m wondering, so I’ve come here. I’m sure others have had romance of some kind in their Ascent, and I’m here to ask you a question:

Has that relationship benefited your Ascent, or did it become a roadblock?

I waited until I found someone, not exactly on the same path as me, but who could support me in my ambitions. I believe in the power of a male/female (or gayness, whatever) partnership so you have someone on your side, who has your back when you’re reaching for the stars, and can also help ground you and bring you back to reality.

I think, however, it may be more of an option for male sorcerors to have a muggle-leaning :slight_smile: girlfriend?

I know, now, that I’d walk away from someone who actively blocked my ascent, but if she’s just raising questions, making you re-examine your own ideas (which is always a good thing - “the unexamined life is not worth living” etc.) maybe you drew her into your life for a reason, to empower you and clarify things even more?

If she can help your life be better right now, maybe she doesn’t need to be your equal, or your co-conspirator (so to speak) and can just be of this material world? I’ve had a few boyfriends like that in the past, I think it’s a modern thing that a sex partner has to be a best friend, colleague, etc - in the past they were much more pragmatic about what you could expect, and didn’t pile every single role onto one person.

Just my thoughts, I’ve had both and there’s a place for different things.

That makes sense. To my knowledge, she knows nothing of the occult, which makes me think of your last paragraph- “just of this material world”.

I thank thee for the clarification, Eva. Now, I must return to my cave. I have food to prepare.

Mine is an atheist, it is a double edged sword.

I can literally tell my S.O. that I am going to summon the darkest, foulest, most bloodthirsty demons from the darkest pit of Hell and their response is “Have fun baby.”

On the other hand they don’t see why I am so serious about keeping promises with spirits. I can have offerings in my hand ready to be placed at Hecate’s feet and my S.O. will walk out ofthe bedroom wanting to have a night on the town. When I explain that I will be a while due to my keeping my word to my spirits my S.O. gets mad.

I would not give up my S.O. at all. I had to face the very real possibility that Belial would break us up because he saw my S.O. as an obstacle in my ascent. I prepared to go to war with a demonic King, and during one of our shouting matches I told him that I would ascend AND I would keep my great relationship with my spouse, and I would tear reality apart to prove it.

Realtionships can help, hinder, or be neutral to your ascent. Just like a job, or an addiction, or anything else. If you want it bad enough you will find a way to ascend with the realtionship.

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My last girlfriend broke up with me when I told her about me practicing magick. She was not a “believer” (in any sense) but me saying that created a gap that became big enough for her to distrust me. At the end she thought I had put a spell on her or something like that. Funny thing, I actually made a spell to get back with her after she broke up with me, and it kind of worked but then I didn’t wanted so I had to “break it” to move on.

For me, my family and job helps me to keep feet on the ground, a relationship is good for that too but need to be open minded unless you’re prepared to live a secret life but that is just too tiresome, you’ll end up telling the person when the relationship evolves.

It’ll be cool to met a witch tho, on the other hand… a vengative ex-girlfriend I can deal with… a vengative witch ex girlfriend… oh my

Haha, yeah. Part of the reason I’m a little weary about getting into a relationship is whether or not the question of magick would appear, and whether or not the person in question would be willing to accept someone on my kind of path. I don’t want to deal with the drama. Though, finding a witch on the other hand… that’d be fun.

A vengeful witch ex would be quite the nasty thing to deal with.

Anyway, good on you Orismen! Show that demon who’s the magus, and who is the summon. I fed on an atheist, the fellow tasted like air. Which was weird. The energy gain was so low I could’ve drank piss and got more energy.

Though Belial thinking to tinker with your relationship raises my eyebrows.

How WOULD you have gone to war with Belial? I’m not sure who would win, to be honest, although it could be even. Hecate and all.

I will take these things into consideration, brothers and sisters. More information requires gathering on my part. So, adieu.

Any girl who would get involved with me would probably be a weirdo anyway since no normal person would do so given that I am a very strange person even without the occult stuff, so I doubt it would matter. Last relationship I was in was before I got into this.

I’m quite the strange duck myself, without the “devouring souls” part. The last thing a weirdo like me needed was to make people stumble from dizziness in the streets, and watch them wander into oncoming traffic.

Of course, my lack of ability to stop laughing or smiling while watching this also is a HUGE turn off.

For now, no. I’ve made too much progress over the past year to stall out from being in a relationship. I’m on a quest of knowledge, and realize 99.8% of the general public are freaking retards that would only slow me down. Maybe one-day again in the future when the King wants a Queen I’ll bite, but for now no, ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

[url=]Sweet Brown - Original Report and Autotune Remix.mp4 - YouTube

Which, thus far, has been my approach. In my eyes, the public is but a tool to be utilized. If there is one thing we must collect in this fleshy form it is knowledge, so I wish you the greatest of thoughts to come your way.

My own little off-path quest as of this moment regards knowledge and winter. More information when it is finished.

I’ve found/drawn to me someone who supports what I do. The only limitation is expanding my perspectives and understanding far enough to be able to explain what I’m doing in everyday language. I don’t see this as a limitation at all, but rather a goad to deepening my mastery of communication.

I’ve decided to go it alone for a number of reasons. Namely, I’m advancing quickly and I won’t stop to fulfill a physical desire.

Just become a PUA… if anything it will give you a new way to utilize vampirism

Ha! No, love energy, lust energy, WHATEVER energy that isn’t human lifeforce is not useful to me. If I can’t use their life for my own means, then I will use their death essence.

It’s not like I need their energy to sustain. I’m a living generator of death essence. I just like to adorn my armor with their energy, or use it in my works.



So recently, as in post-battle recently, the person in question (the one that I had turned away from in favor of Ascent) has started to, I believe, fall for me. Me, the overweight lazy guy that wouldn’t get out of his house if he could.

Me, a hunter of men and destroyer of spirits!

What’s more, she already has a boyfriend! I do not understand this!

So that’s why I’ve come back to this thread.

Why and how the hell am I drawing someone who I tried to repel towards me? How am I doing this despite all of the roadblocks in the way, including her serious boyfriend? Why does Ascent draw some people in and repel others?

Gah, I’m not cut out for this “human” stuff.

If you rejected her its obvious she wants what she can’t have. Pursue her and let her know you want her and watch her keep you at a distance enough to keep you around. Your not the only one who enjoys the hunt so to speak.

Interesting point. Though I imagine she doesn’t enjoy the type of hunt I am prone to. The thing is, A) I never told her of my Ascent, and B) I never even rejected her. I simply made our contact less and prioritized my Ascent.

Now, she’s… I don’t know, interested? This sort of hunt confuses me.

When you made something else your priority it took attention away from her, she’s now seeking your attention. I’m willing to bet you were balls deep in the friend zone and she liked keeping you there. When you moved on to work on yourself she didn’t have the security of having Sevarn around anymore to complain about her boyfriend to and be her shoulder to lean/cry on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a small intentionally easily to mistranslate comment about you and her to see if she can reel you back in.

Hah! She’s never complained to me about the guy. Seems nice.

ANYWAY, I’m way off track here. I’ve got a ton of work to do, but TWF I thank you for your most interesting insights. I will certainly… what’s a good term for what I’m trying to say? “Test the waters”?

Thanks for your help TWF.