Relationships for mages

Infernal Greetings to all… we all indulge in our carnal desires with women or men as the case may be…and in particular I attend a Catholic Church so in order to find a deeper connection… often that leads me to try and connect with someone who is somewhat adept in the occult…there inlies a problem some people who practice the arts are not entirely stable which is an enduring quality on one hand…but I have had to deal with some nasty hexes slung at me by supposed wiccans who are ardently opposed to such practices…not to mention bad politics having them spread lies so u come off as the bad guy…it becomes a little more tricky to find someone who would be fun to go out with that if you 2 didn’t end up mated you go your separate ways w/o having to deal with a nasty hex sent by the scorned lover…I find no need to share that aspect but I think it was Dr Lavey who said when magick cosistantly becomes a solitary practice it runs congruent with antisocial behavior and contrary to popular belief people of the LHP are often very cultured well traveled educated people not mentally unstable nutters looking to go out and sacrifice animals or worse… iam ok being single and leaving my options open but obvious iam attracted to someone of a like mind and its sexy as hell when a lady is dressed like a sorceress especially when its not just an out fit but they are…but if u choose the wrong one your gonna end up fending off their hexes till they find someone else or get over it and free themselves from their vile emotions, insecurities and move on…its a cluster fuck has anyone else encountered this type of thing…any suggestions

I would suggest that you learn to protect yourself against curses, so you can defend yourself against those who try to curse you.

I hope you find the right sorceress that you want one day :slight_smile:

They’re the worst for that kind of behaviour! They think they’re on the side the Right & the Holy so they feel like they’re entitled to smite anyone they wish, bunch of hypocritical psychos, most white-lighters are.

I may be a psycho in some ways, along with others here, but at least we don’t try to dress it up as “for the higher good.”

...its a cluster fuck has anyone else encountered this type of thing..any suggestions

Do a spell to draw to you someone who won’t be vengeful if/when you break up - do some divination once you start dating to check she won’t come after you.

And don’t be a jerk - I’ve only cursed, in various ways, exes who were emotionally abusive, and I was too young and dumb to realise at the time. So if you deal straight with them, they’re not going to have that moment when the penny drops and they come after you like the Furies… :wink: