Relationship with demons - Asmoday

So, recently I was offered a relationship with Asmoday…but I already have a partner. I’m not opposed to an open relationship with a spirit and neither is my partner (although, I’ll be honest, this is the first time a spirit has ever propositioned me so as honoured as I am, it’s a lot to process and quite frankly, weird af).

He did not overly pressure me when he asked, he told me to consult Agares if I was unsure. I’ve not dealt with Agares before but I believe he is one of the more neutrally aligned demons.

I’m interested in this union but I know Asmoday is intensely possessive and is primarily focused on breaking up relationships. Is there a respectful and safe way to decline a relationship with the demon of lust and wrath? :see_no_evil::japanese_ogre: I enjoy his energy but he is vengeful when he wants to be. What are your experiences in dealing with demons in a relationship??


Yes. Just politely decline. He’ll back off.


Make your boundaries known up front. I advise getting to know him before declining. He’s been amazing with me and is lovely to work with. He’s never been possessive over me, though I’m not sexual with him, and I’m mostly Asexual overall having close to 0 desire. He feels warm and safe, like happy drunk.


Make sure it is an informed choice.

He is also about general self-empowerment, in the sphere of Mars/golachab on the qlippothic tree) and there is no reason why he would break up your current relationship if there’s no need for it. Bare in mind that he can upgrade both you and your physical partner if need be.
If he has been acting possessive or broke up another relationship before it’s because it might have been necessary with the particular individuals he worked with, but that is not what he is ultimately about. Asmodeus is an intelligent force, in itself, that when mastered, helps you master more of yourself.

Make sure to make an informed choice though, I would gain info from Agares as well, if you have a doubt. Remember that whatever it is you need, you just ask and request to beings.
If, then, …and so on…;

Going into a relationship with Asmodeus might be infinitely beneficient to you, in your general growth.



These are all really good points, thank you!