Relationship Deal Breakers! ✔️ And Your Additude About Life (Longer Post)

I should be sleeping, instead I’m wrestling with an intense desire to say what I need to say! As a single woman with a wonderful career, friends (finally made a few in my area, yay!), a supportive family, and knowing my own worth - I’ve come to realize some things!

Lucifer taught me this evening and into the early morning: Watch for those red flags!

At first, I did not understand why I was even having this conversation with Lucifer until I remembered my lesson with Ahriman a few days ago.

Lesson: The more I do my own shadow work and allow myself to become, I will attract those who see my light. :flushed: Some of these will be lethal parasites who will drain my energy if I do not set boundaries. These parasites will be upset once boundaries are set, as they no longer have constant access to my inner-circle of energy. They can be male or female.

After going through my journal, I remembered watching a YouTube video by Zeraphina Angules about protecting ourselves. I recently learned I am an empath and this video has been on constant replay once a week. Not only has this video helped me determine who I allow into my circle, it has also helped me protect myself with certain family members.

This is another good video.

I have also done the energy ball work recently taught by E. A. Koetting, however; I have made it my own. Instead of cursing or creating wars, I’ve simply gathered all the negative energy and toxins from my own body, formed them into a ball, and imagined the balls being tossed into a garbage bin. This ritual can happen up to 3x a day depending on how I am feeling.

Now we go into the dating portion of this conversation!

This is a wonderful article and I believe it has the best advice for those red flags being waved in the air.

In the article it states:

Having a list of red flags that we can objectively turn to can help us gain emotional distance from partners and potential partners so that we make rational and informed decisions about relationships.

That said, the red flag lists also offer a false premise. We may encounter problematic behavior or characteristics in a date that aren’t on any red flag list, or we may falsely write someone off because they seem to exhibit a red flag.

Thing is, there’s no easy check list for relationships or picking partners. If you’re looking to a resource like a red flag list or other relationship diagnostic to help you figure out whether or not to go on that third date, you may be misled.

The only reliable source of information for how to proceed in a relationship is how you feel.

I don’t mean how you feel about the other person. I mean how you feel in your body and about yourself when around this other person.

Let’s read that last part again!

I don’t mean how you feel about the other person. I mean how you feel in your body and about yourself when around this other person.

As a witch and a human being, you have every right to take ownership of your own body and allow what science and what Spirit has given you to protect yourself from others. It is your divine right to set boundaries with other people, even close family members, if you’re getting a funky vibe from them.

Below is a great video. Hahaha, no apologies, I’m an Oprah girl.

Love this about co-dependency. Will help in creating boundaries.

Setting boundaries if you need help if you’re starting out.

Good TedTalks

Your vibe attracts your tribe. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love yourself with The Law of Attraction.

This week tell yourself: I love me!

For, we cannot begin to truly love others until we really love ourselves.

Tootles! :slightly_smiling_face:

Remember: Energy begats energy.



Thank you, amazing post !!!

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I agree. I agree especially with this 2nd quote about energy begets energy. If you love others, you will automatically love yourself.
U actually won’t have to say, “I love me,” anymore. But I’m not trying to tell you what to do; do whatever works for u. I’m just sharing what works for me.

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@youridis8008, thank you. :prayer_beads::pray::palms_up_together:

Hmmmmm. :thinking: I have never thought of it that way before. However, I’ve always been under the impression you must first love yourself in order to love others. This is an interesting concept that if you love others, you automatically love others. Thank You. :prayer_beads::palms_up_together::pray:

Maybe I should state instead: I love me and others today.

Now I understand why I felt prompted to change gyms. I have access to yoga classes that will help me reach my potential. :face_with_monocle::thinking:

One must ask themselves how mindfulness can really be beneficial.

The second video is just for information, please live your life and eat the way you feel is best. I just thought it was interesting. I think it’s useful for information on mindfulness and solidarity.

I really like the idea of walking barefoot and connecting to the ground, like in this video.

I don’t know why I feel drawn to this; however, I feel like there is a part of my soul missing. In the details of my mind, I can clearly see all my self hatered has spread to other areas of my life.

Mindful Meditation Music (for beginners).

I like what this article states:

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we have to live by someone else’s rules or fit into a specific box so that we can find the right job or the right partner or whatever it is that we’re searching for. In reality of course, we are all unique and we all need to accept and fully embrace our individuality.

I spent many years doing things that I didn’t believe in or that weren’t aligned with my core values, but it took me a long time to realize that underpinning this was the fact that I didn’t really love myself very much and had stopped being kind to myself, emotionally and physically.

A lack of self-acceptance and self-love turns up the volume on our negative thoughts. We start to have internal conversations with ourselves about how we can change to fit in or become stronger or more beautiful. The problem with this is, it moves us further away from what we really want, what we believe in, and what we value in life. And that’s when we become stuck, unhappy, and doing things we don’t want to do.

It further states:

1. Practice Being Grateful for Your Body

When we come to the end of our lives, will we think about how we should have spent more time in front of the mirror obsessing about our looks or worrying about our weight? NO—because the important things in life are the times spent with our family and friends, and being healthy enough to enjoy that. Take a few minutes in front of the mirror each time you get dressed and begin to practice gratitude for your body. Notice the beautiful things about yourself. Research shows that people who actively practice gratitude are healthier, less depressed, and more resilient during tough times. If you can’t think of anything at first, stand there each morning until you think of at least one—and I promise that eventually the list of things you love and appreciate about yourself will grow from there.

2. Be Kind to Yourself

Taking care of your body, treating yourself to a massage, exercising regularly and becoming mindful of what you eat will not only boost your self-confidence, but it’s also the practice of self-care. The more you treat your body with the loving kindness it deserves, the more you will learn to naturally love it over time AND the more it will love you back—you may very well find yourself living with more energy and less pain.

3. Let Go of Your Inner Perfectionist

Perhaps like I was, you are a perfectionist. Maybe you spend a long time getting ready to leave the house and obsess over tiny details, putting pressure on yourself to look a certain way? Exhausting, isn’t it!? Well I’m here to tell you to stop doing that! Studies show that perfectionism is strongly linked to depression. Save the time you spend telling yourself you’re not good enough or trying to hide your ‘imperfections’ and instead, learn to accept yourself for who you truly are, even with the parts that you deem to be imperfect. Someone who can learn to accept and love themselves will exude confidence and beauty inside and out, and will attract more positive people and experiences to them.

4. Let Go of Judgment

Sometimes when we are hard on ourselves and in our deepest moments of insecurity, we can be extremely judgmental of others. It’s a bizarre way of making ourselves feel better, but as we all know, it’s deeply unkind. Catch yourself the next time you notice you or those around you judging the way other people look or behave, and refrain from joining in with critical gossip if you find yourself surrounded by it. Practicing kindness and acceptance towards others is the first step to becoming more mindful about our own thoughts and actions.

5. Begin to Notice Your Internal Critic

Start to change those nasty internal thoughts and how you talk to yourself. How many times a day do you tell yourself something negative? Would you say these things to your best friend? (No way!) Start to learn to turn down the volume on your inner critic, swap your negative statements for positive ones, and begin to become your own best friend.

Get really curious about the qualities that make you unique and different from the crowd. Self-acceptance is about learning to love and accept the whole of you, every internal part of you that’s working really hard to keep you mobile and breathing every single second of the day! Remembering that you and your body are a miracle helps keep you connected to that fact that you are something to be celebrated. So stop wasting time worrying about the things you cannot change and start being grateful for all the amazing things you have instead.

My last question is this: Do we really need the Gods to get where we are going? :prayer_beads::face_with_monocle::thinking: Hmmmm!

I need more fun yoga pants. :crazy_face:

Note: I am currently looking to be more accepting of myself. Another main Goddess I have worked with has stated I need to focus on myself and no one else for the time being. A recent communication with another person has left me realizing I am tired of repeating old patterns.

While I believe in the Law of Attraction, I do need to realize I have a duty to myself to hold my ground in certain areas of my life. Beliel taught me this afternoon:

I have every right to expect the love of my life to come to me first after communication and a connection has been made.

Belial also let me know the person I was communicating with was not the love of my life. And my work with this individual is over.

Namasté. :pray:

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Being mindful is like hacking reality. I love it. Everything is so clear. It is a step toward true enlightenment, which I consider to be being aware of how our reality really works and accepting our shortcomings, like the fact that we cannot truly know how reality works.

Being mindful helped me to achieve a kundalini awakening. Now I am full of energy. I have great feats of self control. I used to overeat all the time; now I can control my appetite. I can think much clearer and am more creative.

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I looooooove this. :heavy_check_mark::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

This gives me inspiration, thank you so much. :slight_smile:

This post is so helpful! I’ve found time and time again that there are certain red flags you should not ignore. One is when the other person is pushing you to far too fast for a commitment even though you’ve indicated that you don’t feel comfortable or it’s making you feel uncomfortable. Another red flag is when you just start dating someone and they want to control/usurp all of your time right off the bat. Or, when they start telling you how to dress and what to eat. I’ve experienced all of these things and the relationship either ends because the other person quickly figures out that I’m not as malleable as they initially assumed or I nip the relationship in the bud.

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It’s though to be in any type of relationship - friendship, romantic, child/parent, co-worker - what I am finding is communication is key and understanding.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable in a relationship, this has to be vocalized early on and if patterns continue - get out of the dating relationship or friendship. With co-workers, sometimes you need to work through human resources if you work for a huge company. Family relationships, sometimes counseling is needed.

Safety is of key importance - however, not in conversational areas of weirdness like aliens and converse shoes - and learning to read your body signs helps.

Intuitive feelings are your best friend.