Relationship between magician and demon

I have read books about working with angels and demons and I still feel a bit ignorant about how to evoke a demon because I can’t find a reason to summon a demon for besides asking for its knowledge and what exactly does the demon get out of helping me or is there some sort of agreement to be had? Also, for someone who is battling with mental health, is there anything I should know when I summon my first demon and how that affects my mental health?


First of all, it is not only knowlege why we summon beings like demons or even angels. But to give them a place in our heart. Forget the prejudices that you always get to hear, demons are so evil would occupy you, etc… If you treat them respectfully and do not consciously lie to them, they will not harm you. And the stories you hear about people who have been harmed, you can imagine what they have done. These wanted to subjugate the demon, exploit, co. Everything that no one would like and it is understandable why these beings have acted so.

Hope that Help you.


Okay first of all not all demons aren’t the same and they are not all fluffy and cute either. You can get hurt by doing the wrong things that you’re not even aware of. It is important to do your homework on which said demon you are trying to summon and find out as much as humanly possible on that demon. Always be respectful and don’t treat them anything less than you’d treat yourself or a loved one. You should be fine but just take your time and don’t be in a rush to summon if you have no real need to.

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Noted. Thank you for sharing.