Relations with spirits

I have been interested in having a relationship with a spirit and have researched it for numerous days now. I feel it is a path I want to take. Advice on where to start?


What sort of relationship were you thinking of?

You mean something like this?


Yes a little something like that haha. Hopefully long term


…research, and more…


Research is essential, because the topic of succubus and incubus entities are religiously opinionated. Why? When starting with a Google search with the words “spirit spouse”, this comes up:

Quite a hostile result, don’t you think? I think these people have no idea what they’re talking about. I wonder if their thoughts and opinions are the same with human marriages.

Maybe expand your research to “succubus relationship”? This was my result when typing it on Google:

You see the difference? It’s less hostile with that search words, because it’s people sharing a succuessful, positive, experience while the other people on top has no idea of what they’re talking about.

Of course you could read the mythologies of the succubus, and some historical information about Lilith. Spend a few weeks of research, and make your decision to go through with this or not.