Relating to one of E.A.'s you tube vidoes

The one where he talks about interactions between certain drugs and magick that go together. I wonder if anyone has tried this, I have… I found some awesome results using tarot while high. I don’t know if this forum cares about drug talk…

you mean on shrooms… correct?

Frankly, a lot of people can’t accept that the government is full of shit and is lying to them a lot on this subject.

I have a medical card, normally I don’t talk about it.

I feel a lot of armchair scholars have been content to sit in their ivory towers and lecture me on drug use in my life.

I mean, don’t do drugs kids

But seriously fuck you people, I don’t care what you think anymore.

I’ve dropped 8 tabs of acid and had the most profound spiritual experiences where I got to feel all my 5 senses crisscrossing with each other and the psychic sense, and I got to feel all of it through my aura like I was a walking cosmic cloud. I have seen matter and time break down into consciousness, and used this knowledge to alter the past.

I have, snorted ketamine, robo-tripped, rolled on extacy, ate shrooms, had visions on salvia, and an extremely weird experience on No2, that I probably won’t repeat again.

I’ve done drugs that weren’t illegal, and I’ve gotten high on things most people don’t know they can get high on.

For a short stint in my life I did spice, but it was really a precursor to actual weed, and on very strange occasions I have smoked catnip before, although, I don’t really feel I get anything out of it compared to medical marijuana. I have even smoked prescription medications crushed up and put on my own marijuanna in the past. And this was one of the best “feeling” methods to take certain medications, but I’m not sure it’s remotely safe.

I have done magick and hardcore meditation on virtually every drug I’ve done, and I can say not all of them weaken magick.

Last ritual I participated in, I drank about 2 liters of marijuanna tea that I brewed myself, and smoked about half a gram of medical marijuanna before the ritual. After the ritual I smoked a few datura flowers to myself and drank absinthe. I simply waited a few hours to sober up, and I drove home.

Aside from saying that was one of the best nights in my life, I can still remember the vast majority of it, even though I didn’t even sleep that night.

I smoke 420 all the time, and I see drugs as very useful. Many people who never have done them, are simply trapped in the same modalities of thought, and destined for some very linear and uninteresting ideas.

I really am done giving a shit about what most people think here, when the most helpful thing you could hear is something you really aren’t expecting…

The only way to know any of this shit, is to go out and do it,

And if you think ANYONE that owns a website, isn’t going to give you some really tame public advice for legal reasons, you should really think again.

Most people who practice a lot of magick see no problem with opening doors of perception with drugs judiciously.

But maybe I’m one of those old school types who feels like I’m a sovereign being, and I can choose to alter my consciousness through whatever means I want and nobody is going to stop me. Be real, I don’t give a shit what anyone else says, or I wouldn’t have done all those fucking drugs in the first place.

I simply don’t give a shit, and I accept that this is dangerous, and I take my safety into my own hands. To a large degree, you should be willing to admit you accept those risks with magick, and the differences are often superficial at best.

If anything, we could argue that drug risks, particularly with specific substances are a lot safer than magick. Anyone going through bouts of “madness” knows this. This is usually caused by ritual, and the sorcerer commonly self medicates with drugs to deal with it. People who don’t do magick, don’t usually go crazy, and don’t usually need drugs. People who do magick, usually do go crazy, and usually self medicate with drugs.

People who don’t do drugs, are the first to impart their ignorance on everyone about them.

If we’re being honest this is only a fair number of my drug experiences, when I said I went through a dark period in my life, I really meant that shit. But I learned that there isn’t a single person who will really “think” for me on any issue, including this one. Not E.A. Not Terrence Mckenna,

You are sovereign, read, educate yourself, make up your own mind, no one will do it for you, and you’re bound to develop your own opinions GASP

And since my some of my ancestors liked lists…

My top 5.

  1. Grass and Datura 50/50.
  2. Hash and edibles (if used correctly)
  3. LSD
  4. Robo-Trip
  5. Ketamine

WARNING: IF YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO READ UP ON WHICH DRUGS ARE DANGEROUS, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU CHEWED GLASS THINKING IT WAS WATER CAUSE YOU GOT WAY TOO HIGH ON DATURA, NOT MY FAULT, SAME WITH JUMPING OFF BUILDINGS ON ACID AND OTHER SHIT, (the sad truth is much of these deaths are because these people were morons in the first place, there are plenty of websites that will tell you how easy these drugs are to get, and how dangerous they actually are. )

Busy not giving two fucks
-Frater Apotheosis

Durgs are our friends lol, lets all be happy!

PS: I lol’d with the club meme.

Drugs all depend upon the person. For magical reasons, I still advocate you gain skills beforehand for reasons that are just too numerous to stay completely on topic here. But in all, drugs are only as useful as you make them, and like anything else, they can be completely useless unless you are actively doing something with them.

When I first started smoking weed, I wasn’t doing any practice at all, and it was mostly recreational. However, I found that there were effects from smoking that were conducive to primordial work. There was a honeymoon period of about 6 months where I found myself having all sorts of experiences with the drug that found me saying, “Wow, I could do some really profound shit with this.”

The emphasis was on “could” though… what ended up happening was that I was watching anime and eating like shit most of the time. I didn’t do anything to make the experience worthwhile, and overall I just bummed out with a lil’ pizzazz to it. However, in all honesty, that bumming was just there regardless of the weed or not, it just helped me feel better about bumming. I could actually get high just by remembering it, but in that time I was just too bum to do anything with it.

However, this was not exclusive to drugs. When I switched my diet to raw vegan, I found myself gaining power that was spontaneous; burst of high speed movement, increased energy flow and control, spurts of high strength. I found myself thinking the same thing I did with weed, “I could really do something with this.” However, just like weed, I did absolutely nothing but masturbate to these cool, but fleeting and unreliable phenomena.

So if you’re gonna use drugs, I’d say try to actually catapult their effects into something useful. If you can, also try to take what you experience with you; you can do all this stuff yourself, but drugs can help you get familiar with them instantly. If you can take those effects into memory, you can find that you can access the high qualities on your own a lot more simply than you might’ve done searching for them in absence of drugs. It’s like brainwave entrainment audios; any good ones help you access the shit easier on your own. Through exposure you ingrain the experience into you so that its something that you can rely on over and over again.

That’s my take on it, and I definitely would not be reserved towards drug use because “Drugs are bad.”

“Many people who never have done them, are simply trapped in the same modalities of thought, and destined for some very linear and uninteresting ideas.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

I found it interesting to find myself deeply immersed in tarot cards and speaking in riddles. This was while high on cannabis, and my intuition was 10 times stronger than usual. Each card resonated so strongly, and I could have lost myself in one card, but I stayed focused enough to do a full reading of myself.

if I wasn’t in a field that drug tested I would be smoking every day, and I still might depending on the policy of the next place I join. My senses go into overdrive when I smoke, but I have to be careful or it can easily be overdone with me. the more I smoke the more I start thinking and acting like your run in the mill schizophrenic. for the most part I am completely fine outside of smoking or doing too much drugs.
taking one hit a day right before a workout(and then doing a ritual shortly afterwards) seems to be a good balance. the effects by the time the ritual begins have died down enough for me to actually thing straight, but are still strong enough for my senses to be fully open.

To be incredibly honest, I don’t use drugs all the time every day, and I don’t bring them into rituals to make them crazy every time. I regard hard drug use, as akin to constant daily demonic evocation, and would regard the people who do that as mentally unstable usually.

A lot of shamen and others do this, this isn’t just some expedition of insane psychnauts that you have to engage in. Or some recreational thing of, LETS DROP ACID AND SEE FUCKED UP SHIT, WOAH!!!

Right around the time this video came out, I decided to take some shrooms and got a horrible vision of my own destiny, wherin I met my supposed “oversoul” who was a very dark being, showing my my destiny was unavoidably to become a god of death, to do incredible harm to others for my own pleasure, and to go on a genocidal rampage so I can stop incarnating here. It also told me, there was nothing I can really do to help others, and that I’d be forced to watch them suffer.

I told my oversoul “I would rather die”

So I went out in the desert to a powerful ritual, and sacrificed myself so I could dispel these ghosts of my pasts and move on and do something completely fucking different in my life.

Without that horrible drug trip, I might never have made it to this next spiritual evolution that I think is incredibly positive.

In fact, I’d probably still be lost and confused about what to do on my spiritual path here.

Sometimes, some of these drugs have given me horrible experiences which I can learn and grow from.

Not every drug experience is a positive one, but here I’d like to remind you of a very powerful truth about life in general, that you should carry with you every time you embark upon something dangerous.

When you loose, don’t loose the lesson.

This is supposed to be about knowledge and understanding, and that’s not always a positive gnosis. A lot of us have dark paths in life…But it’s up to you what you do with it, no matter what you’re being shown.

If you see everything as a dark hallicination that you are afraid of, and can’t get anything out, then all you’ll have is an experience where you curled up in a ball tripped out for hours in complete darkness, while occasionally puking up shrooms in the shower.

If you don’t take that vision and do something positive with it, that’s up to you. It’s a tool, not just something you stuff your face with and expect to be delivered with visions of enlightenment. I have very few drug experiences I can say are that way truly. And some of them involved my experience getting incredibly high on weed, which is something most people don’t want to even hear.

When you take drugs, I draw the analogous connection to sorcery for one main reason.

You sacrifice the person you are and the understandings you have, to obtain you own illumination. In many senses, the person who jumps into this symbolic abyss, dies, and someone completely different returns.

Half the time I only come here to say something crazy and in your face, because I feel like nobody else stepped up to do it because they were probably too embarrassed about these things. I am dispelling those ghosts in my life, and I wish to actually explain this issue from a point of my own gnosis, something terribly few people are willing to do for some reason.

When you loose, don’t loose the lesson
-Frater Apotheosis

Excellent post there Frater A, thank you for sharing it.

[quote=“Frater Apotheosis, post:9, topic:3045”]When you loose, don’t loose the lesson
-Frater Apotheosis[/quote]

One if the most profound things I have ever seen on this fourm, probably anywhere.

Thank you Frater.

Such great advice indeed… I’d like to point out for anyone’s interest, that mixing ayahuasca and magick for me did not go well for me at all. There is a very specific plant spirit in ayahusca (madre ayahuasca) and performing and/or engaging in any sort of magick chased madre ayahuasca away. I was very surprised last night to find cannabis mixing with magick like a boss.
On the topic of drug use with magick… moderation is key no doubt. Since most of my primary magickal application has been natural, and since I have already developed certain magickal skills and understanding, I find it fun to experiment with the drugs/magick and analyze their potential… not stopping there though… utilizing their potential.