Regarding up and coming release and so many have pledged so far for priority access to artisan statue plus some other rabble

Is that to say that if signed up “pledged” the first 50 orders will receive statue? Just wondering. Also regarding the other titles were they ever released in limited edition versions that are now sold out as so many others are? I.e “limited edition leather bound” for example. Just wondering as I’ve grown increasingly interested both as a practitioner and collector. Thanks. And thanks for answering and putting to rest the long debated topic of astrology and metal offerings- however the question remains- can the same be said for other currents other then the dark tree?


That’s a question to the person that handles the orders. I hope everyone interested will be able to get it, but with limited editions, the sooner you order it, the better chances you have that they’re still in stock.
I’m not sure which other titles you mean - can you be more specific?
Regarding the last question - no, there are magical systems where you have to follow the exact instructions, and that includes offerings and special dates and hours for rituals. Draconian magic is very individual and such things are unnecessary unless you choose to incorporate them in your work, but there are magical traditions in which this is not a choice and you have to follow the rules if you want to progress with these traditions.

Thank you for the reply- I ordered mine at the stroke of midnight NYC time and it said statue so pretty convinced I’ll get that. I was more less interested as to weather there was a limited edition offered upon original release which I missed of awaking lucifer and qlipothic meditations as I’d like to get my hands on them one way or another if so. Thanks again for the reply- it’s an honor and I look forward to receiving your new work

Yes, both Awakening Lucifer and Qliphothic Meditations were released in cloth and leather editions.