Regarding the responses in the use of the pendulum

Good afternoon to all, it is my desire to address in this, my first post the topic related to the responses associated with the use of the pendulum. The reason why I bring up the subject lies in the fact that in my own experiments with it, an act followed by the preliminary part of its use, when I ask for an indication when requesting the indication of proof for obtaining the no ( and the truth, waiting for me an indicative movement for it) is completely still and no ideomotor movement is generated from my body. For the request of a “Yes” it oscillates horizontally.
The issue is that in the dynamics of its use for obtaining answers, it generates uncertainty that for the No (without movement) and for the yes (horizontal movement) referring to this topic I would like to base on the theoretical / practical knowledge that We have about it I would like to know your ideas; I would like to note that in my own meditative and body practices it is usually wavy horizontally compared to the vertical movement that I have seen that other people express, I do not know if I have had any relationship but considered me punctual, thanks to all …!
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To clarify: Are you seeking to establish a better connection with your pendulum for clearer answers?

Given the case and the nature of the things I need to know, I think so, my friend.

In that case, I highly recommend “Letter to Robin” as a good source for divination with pendulums and dowsing rods. What was once a reply to a woman interested in dowsing by a dowsing group member became a comprehensive and quite scientific approach to the practice.

They even provide a layout that can help you answer far more than simple yes/no, which is extremely helpful say, when you want to assess the percentage of influence you or an outside force are placing on the answer.

You can find multiple translations on their wordpress here.

Other than that, I’m not aware of what Balg itself has in the same vein, but dig through the divination category a bit, maybe searching for pendulum and/or beginner.

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Siegfried, I thank you for sharing this resource with me in response to my post, luckily I already have my pendulum and now it will be a matter of deepening with foundation.

I personally designate front/back as yes, side/side as no, clockwise as maybe, counter-clockwise as I don’t know. If you’re unsure of the answer you’re receiving, I generally ask “answer louder please”. 9/10 times I get a more solid answer with mine. Otherwise, make sure you narrow down what you’re talking to beforehand. It may answer true but still lie based on it’s own whims. I’ve asked mine if it will be true and gotten a flat out “no”. When that happens I ask the answerer to leave, making way for a more helpful being.


I’ve crafted my pendulum and under the Letter to Robin method “programmed” it to answer, so I rarely have to deal with entities unless, for example, I invite Freya or Heimdall to influence it.

Well, to say I programmed the pendulum is technically wrong. I’m some kind of natural with pendulum divination and after reading, I asked my original if I needed to program it.


Is this because I have absorbed the information into myself and any pendulum I use will abide as if yes was answered to “can I, may I, should I?”


To what degree is my or any outside influence affecting these answers?


Since then, I’ve merely had to pick up a pendulum and it will swing ready in seconds. This may be partly related to me asking Heimdall to grant me his senses so I am able to perceive and interact with all beyond the veil.