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Recently, I had a Horary astrology reading regarding love situation in my life. The answer came out was something which I do not want to happen. I am planning to cast some spells to prevent that from happening. Do you guys think that the love spells has the potential to change the course of future and prevent those things from happening?

If it’s meant to happen in your chart you can’t prevent it you can just soften the blow depending on what it was… correction since it was an honorary reading it’s just giving you the likely hood of it happening. THe only thing you can’t be undo is something in your NATAL chart

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So, do you mean that we cannot change something written in our natal chart? Then I am sorry for asking this but it has been bugging me since a lot of time : Why do we need to work on spells and just don’t look at natal chart and check whether it is possible or not?

Magic can change what is fated.


Because a lot of people don’t believe in astrology (go figure) it holds everything about your life people would know if they are wasting time etc doing rituals etc if the chart doesn’t support it… you can’t change anything that’s not meant to be changed. If it was possible then the world would not be in the condition that it’s currently in… for example people who want an ex back( that person was coming back regardless if they preformed magic or not) it’s all in your chart

So, do you mean that a person need not do spell work to bring back their ex because it is something which is predefined right? So, does that mean the spells being casted are just a waste of time? I am sorry if I seem arrogant, I am just trying to understand here :slight_smile:

Exactly but that’s my opinion and I’m sure people will not agree with that… people would not suffer years etc if they actually just looked at their chart and saw that the ex was long gone that’s why magic didn’t work in that sense because that person no longer wanted to be bothered. If they decided to come back it’s not because you casted as spell on them it’s because it showed in the chart. I bet if you could read a lot of people charts on this website that got whatever they wanted etc it was already in their charts had nothing to do with magic. That’s why I think it’s better to SEE if it’s in the chart if an ex is returning then paying someone hundreds of dollars to perform a ritual in hopes they are.

I’m not saying magic is not real because it is but not in the way some view it. Let’s say people who win the lotto when you go look at their charts it clearly shows huge winnings. No amount or summoning rituals would do that. Magic works along side what’s already present in the chart.

No my question is what if the person does not cast magick at all to win the lottery. Will he get the same result?

It would be the same results because if it’s not in the person chart no amount of magic would make it so. Think of millions of people who do rituals etc to win but only a single person wins it? Even the most powerful ritualistic people don’t win ,yet some old guy wins it? It was clearly in his chart to win

You might be right. But I feel that magic spells when properly casted might alter our charts to reflect the change that we are trying to cause. Because, in case my chart shows me that I am going to get a job next year and I don’t even apply for the job then that does not mean that the chart is wrong. Even our efforts should align with what we want to happen. Both of these together probably defines our future. Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

As you stated (it shows next year I’ll get a job but what if I don’t apply for it) how do you know you won’t apply for it? Something will happen that would make you get that job. Maybe they offer you to work 3days a week from home or the job pays for you to work out a hotel the other days (to entice you to work for them) now at the moment you don’t want it but when that year approaches you change your mind because what was offered. So in the end you got the job that was shown in your chart.

No my question is once I know that my chart says that I get a job by next year. But just to negate the chart if I do not apply for any job and be steady with that decision that does means that chart may be influenced by our efforts right?

Planetary energies don’t change but they can be channeled
for example moon or sun in the 12th house is associated with reclusion time so you might end up in hospitals, jail, or psychiatric institutes
but if you are aware of this instead of getting this forceful reclusions you can have time on your own to spend alone, so this voluntary reclusion can prevent you from going to jail, hospitals etc
so you see the energy will be there but if you know what kind of energy is over you you can make it manifest on other situation so you can avoid the situations you dislike

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You can absolutely mitigate, soften and even change outcomes that maybe in your chart with magick. Astrology is a weather report not set in stone, knowledge and wisdom is power.

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