Tonight as the sun drops down and the moon rises high, I shall take to a greater flight. With the predator unleashed, pray for the weak for the hand of pain has gently touched me. As I fell once again into the abyss feeling it’s calm gentle embrace…with a sting of a kiss I shall not be caught within…but released on the other side of it. What is it that I am becoming?


Azazel said to post this with his name…what that would mean is anybody’s guess…I am just the messenger…


I felt the shiver, Maxx … am being drawn deeper myself … I cannot recall EVER having had such a distinctly … peculiar … period of time.

What are Azazel and Ant’Harratu up to?


Maybe this from page 181 of the book -
“And Azazel spoke:
The work which lies before us, now, is to take dominion over this realm, to make perfect and limitless even this most course and barren physical state”

I don’t think I would even mind this, if they succeed.

EDIT: I don’t know what to make of it Maxx. It seems to be like a human transcending this world. Kind of like the goal in Dragon Rouge. To transcend the forces that binds you to this universe and then incarnate into a universe B, I think they call it.


Same Zoe - I had not taken Azazel to be the poetic type, but this is excellent! Thanks Maxx for sharing this. Perhaps, the dawn of a new era, Azazel will be let free, despite his imprisonment and anguish, realizing for all of us, even the great, even the King Azazel must fall to once again rise. He awaits the poisoned kiss, knowing the pain - but also knowing what awaits behind the pain. His journey beyond what he is now.
Perhaps he is showing us that even he must succumb to this cycle, and that we, on the path to godhood will meet with this mysterious current. That we should be aware that it takes even the great Azazel.