Red Snake

hi, i want to ask a question about dream, so yesterday before i’m going to sleep i chant Lilith’s enn and pray to Her, then i had a dream, it was about a giant red snake (as big as anaconda maybe) and that snake has a black dot on the body, that snake come out from a hole and appeared in front of me, is this dream means something? or it just regular dream?


This is probably a vision with all the factors you’ve mentioned. Red symbolizes high energy, passion, a new phase of life. As the color red is connected to blood it can often be associated with a new start and a passionate new beginning.

Seeing a snake approaching you in the dream indicates that many people will turn to you for advice. The red snake in this instance suggests that you will show passion towards a project or work endeavor that you might manage or setup.

A snake every so often sheds its skin, in essence, it has a rebirth. Therefore, a red snake could be a new lifestyle or choice or a new phase in your life will begin that you are passionate about.


wow thankyou for the explanation, i start this magick stuff about almost a month, and i’m very excited, maybe that’s my new passion

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It could be, visions and dreams are very subjective, it is what it means to you. Good luck on your journey and new path.


i thought it was Lilith, because i chanted Her enn before sleep, but yeah maybe it has double meaning…

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Dreams are usually subjective to the viewer. People can only assume what they mean.

My suggestion is to write everything down that you can and begin your search. I did a ritual with a certain nameless entity as well and saw a yellow and black striped snake in my dreams for a while and they always ended with me dying. I still don’t know what they mean but yea… The first step is to write down everything you can remember and focus on the things that stand out as important to you.

I occasionally have hundreds of like 6-9 inch Red Snakes in my dreams when they are ‘Egyptian’ based. they are not threatening or cause fear, just so many of them it is difficult trying to dodge them so I do not hurt them. Any ideas ???

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To see hundreds of red snakes represents hidden danger and also a passion for something that is an obsession and that your love or extreme interests in something could turn against you.

Perhaps this also suggests your insecurities in life and to avoid pitfalls by using sound judgement when facing adversity.

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I was in the zone where you’re inbetween waking up and asleep the other day, a big snake coiled down a tree and bit at me…the next day the exact same thing happened, that time tho I grabbed it and bit its head off…Might be nothing, but just thought I’d throw it out there :slight_smile:


A snake coiled in a tree, and sneak attack is usually a symbol of your fears in a real life and need to pay attention to a challenging situation or emotion that has not yet been completely acknowledged and dealt with.

You’ve had the same vision twice becoming more aware about an issue or aspect of yourself that you’ve been ignoring. The snake attack has the effect of prompting a reaction on your part, whether it’s pain, surprise or fear. The attack from the serpent and than killing it could mean a situation where you have been compromising too much and have decided to end the ordeal or problem by fighting back head on.

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Thank you man, that does kind of sum up a few things so you’re definitely quite spot on. It’s not so much of a case of me “fighting back” lately tho, just that people are hearing my words more clearly.

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Hell knows My life is so much compromise-- it is barely living any more

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This is very interesting! I just found this thread now, but back in 2019 I also had a dream where I saw a huge red snake. It definitely had a demonic “feel” to it. Kind of hard to describe in words. This was around the time in my life I first summoned a demon. I’ve grown a lot since then in my practice but something reminded me of this dream recently.