Recruiting a new Nether

Dear Balg,

I’m considering,
if I recruit a new nether.

advanced middle path magick.

Lord in command
(whom the new recruit will have to serve):

Severion, leader of my Alchemical and Magickal Legions.


Note: I intentionally do not provide a Sigil,
but rather idols here.

preferred race:
Elven / Fae.

The Race is not a requirement,
and if needed,
an Elven Body can be crafted after beginning the training,
for transitioning into the race.

the minimum requirement for application:

  • successful transmutation of an element.
  • not being Oathbound, or having unbound any previous oath.
  • understanding of both light and darkness,
    as polar opposites, and their fusion into one.

Severion will check these qualifications,
and start training based upon them.

This offer is optional.

I don’t need a new nether,
but I have plans for which I could use a new recruit.

In case no appropriate interest can be found,
I’ll dissect the project into more parts,
and let it be carried out by my existing Legion,
based on their qualification.

Do not apply, without meeting the minimum requirements mentioned above.

Benefits of becoming a Nether in the Legion:

Extended lifespan,
if necessary custom fit crafted Body.

-this doesn’t have to be elven,
even tho it’s preferred.
You could choose another form as well,
for example, living as an elemental.

extended intelligence, agility and mana pool.
recruitment, and maintaining of roughly
2’000 lower Spirits under your command.

deeper understanding,
of the nature of magick,
and spirits,
then any mortal experience could ever provide.

since you won’t be limited by the capacity of a mortal mind,
while in Nether state.

lastly, becoming one of the first beings,
to inhabit the new planet,
I’ve been developing.




very interesting its something that i myself do.

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Good to know.

In case i find a worthy application,
may i contact you for tips regarding the training process?



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of course.

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Thank you,
i apriciate having that option.



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If only you were recruiting what I am.
If only I didn’t doubt what I am.
If only I knew what I am.

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Guess that shows interest.

Try saving the Magic Card, and the Little Figure,
and pull them out of their shell,
into astral vision.

When you have it in your mind’s eye,
speak the name Severion into it,
and see if one of the 2 responds.

If it does,
talk to it,
and adress the very same questions you’ve just posted,
what you feel is fitting the situation.

Severion will then,
talk with you,
about the option,
i offered,
if he see’s potential in you.

If he doesn’t respond,
at all,
consider it answered.

( with a "no" )




For the moment,
this research is closed.

I’m not accepting any new apliances for it,



That as nothing to do but… I LOVE Hearthstone :black_heart:

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new Nether established.



Rise of new Nether Confirmed.

Be Welcomed,
my dear devotee.

@Lady_Eva Requesting close of Topic.