Recovering My Ability To Visualize

For years my ability to visualize during meditation and trances has been spotty. Used to be very good. Something happened and I suspect it had to do with stopping reading sci-fi and fantasy novels years ago. They were an obsession when I was younger.

In the last week or two though my visual sense is back! What happened? I have been playing Sky: Children of the Light on my iPad. Hours a day in the game appear to have restarted my visual inner sense and made it much more consistent. With books and movies I easily get immersed in the story and scenery. Looks like the same thing is happening with the game.

At first I was getting inner visual scenes which were game related during meditation. After I learned to just let the game scenes play by I was eventually back to my long lost visual imagination sense. Even though the visuals aren’t required for my magick and energy work I really do prefer having them reliably active.


Congrats, I’m glad you found an exercise thst helps you.

You might also find the magic eye 3D puzzles help too, if stimulation is something you need to stay on top of this skill, I’ve heard more than a few times it helps with raining your rods and cones to focus differently than we typically do, which can help with seeing auras and the like as well. I imagine it would help with visualization too for anyone who isn’t anphantasiac :slight_smile:

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Magic eye 3D puzzles are good for sure. Exercising peripheral vision is a big help.

I think my biggest problem has been an under-stimulated imagination. Too much much software and database engineering in a cubicle. Not enough relaxed, imaginative play. Luckily I quit my job end of May.

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