Recommended books?

Just wondered which books about magick is good for a beginner to read?

I have IIH by Bardon already. Are there any others?


-The Miracle of New Avatar Power By Geoff Gray Cobb
(Out of print yes…but can still be found online)

-Astral_Dynamics by Robert Bruce

-Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig

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One you can still find out there is Twist your Fate, 7 steps to fortune by Geof Gray-Cobb and a little easier to find.


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[quote=“Maxx, post:3, topic:450”]One you can still find out there is Twist your Fate, 7 steps to fortune by Geof Gray-Cobb and a little easier to find.


Thanks Maxx. Have u used NAP yourself ?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

@Zukara…no I have not…just picked up the one I mentioned recently and looking at it as I wanted to know about the author.


Thanks guys. Skint at the mo but will refer back to here when I’m flush again. :slight_smile: At the moment my money has to go towards moving house. Finally got a moving date set for the 25th.

[quote=“Sukujin”]If you like the works of Geof Grey-Cobb, he also wrote ‘the mystic grimoire of mighty spells and rituals’ under the name Frater Malak, which gets pretty good reviews, and most practioners of it do swear by it. If you buy a copy make sure it has the original talisman kit included.

I have a copy of this but havent read it yet.[/quote]

Now I’ve made the connection I wil go back and checkout Frater Malak

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The Yoga of Power by Julius Evola
EA’s recommended this several times in many of his works, as well as by mouth. It is, without question, one of the most important books I have ever read.

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Just be wary of ‘Modern Magick’ by Donald Michael Kraig, Ive heard there are a lot of blinds (deliberate mistakes set to throw off the newbie) in that book. Can’t remember where I got that info from, maybe other people here know more about it.

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New Avatar Power and the Mystic Grimorie of Mighty Spells and Rituals are both great books. I have and use both. Just look past the hokey stories. There are powerful things in there.
I also have to say (just because I find it invaluable), Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode. I know it might not be in line with most mentioned but it is a must have.

New Avatar Power is quite good and available on PDF . Consecrate the sigils yourself. Some of them are recognizable as Raphael, Michael and Paimon.

I’ve quite enjoyed the path working on Kaballah Magic although it might be a bit involved for a beginner.

Strategic sorcery (Jason Miller)was good to give me an overview about how to best effectively apply my magick. Chaos Magick by Vitimus had some good concepts. High Magick by frater U.D. Was excellent - definitely worth having.

If you are willing to put in a whole lot of daily effort I will always recommend Initiation into Hermetics.

As I continue to read The Yoga of Power, I am dumbfounded as to how exactly and perfectly it coincides with Bardon’s pathwork. How to cultivate the magickal imagination, will power, the meditations, the order of meditations, the explanation of the powers and how to work with them and wield them. The Yoga of Power and IIH go hand in hand better than bread and butter. Reading them together is nothing but a constant string epiphanies. Even some of the more “left hand path” principles Evola explains are quite similar to exercises Bardon teaches. The only difference is the point of view with which the author sees them.

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Tactical magick- seth
Blood magic- seth
Hexagradior- nemo
Initiation Into The Vampiric Arts- the vampire regeneration movement
any books by Lord Nemeses

The dresden files are good books in general.

OK thanks guys. :wink:

Seconding the suggestion of Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics. He made a revised edition a few years back, and it is a significant improvement - make sure you get the new one.

Note: It isn’t a magic book, per se. But the basics of energy work and astral projection techniques he describes are both easy to grasp and valuable. He also gives accounts of his explorations which are also useful.

A book that I recommend to all levels of study and practice that can be modified is…
Creating Magickal Entities by David Michael Cunningham

This just a superb book on creating Entities that can help you get things done. One tip to try is a Viral Entity, which is a Entity that creates copies of itself to make it more powerful and can do many things at once…

I hope this is useful to others to work with…



@Red Circle - Yes that is a great one. His techniques have helped me tremendously.

@Thorn - Thanks for suggesting that. I will have to check it out.

What sigils ?