Recommend me Draconian Books other than Draconian Ritual Book

What the title says
Right now I’m trying to find as much info on draconian
Ty in advance

  • Most of Asenath Mason’s other books (Grimore of Tiamat, Tree of Qliphoth, etc.)

  • Michael Kelly’s books (I recommend starting with Apophis) and any Apophis Club books you can find.

  • Daemon Barzai’s books (reputably a little clunky in English but still very good material wise. I have both of his published Qliphoth books)

  • The authors in each book’s selected biography (Jan Fries, Thomas Karlsson, and Kenneth Grant are the ones many people like to refer to). I’m reading Thomas Karlsson’s book on the Qliphoth and it’s a good supplemental reading, the only con is that they tend to be more pricey (for a good reason).

  • There are also a few RHP books on dragon magic (I hesitate to say “draconian” because many of the books are Wiccanisque and tend to fit everything in a strict hierarchy, which doesn’t fit the principle definition of “draconian” - harsh or severe). They have some deities and techniques that may or may not be beneficial to your path, I’d only recommend the books if you absolutely feel like they can help you (the information from the books are available online, mostly on the website Dragon Dreaming, so consult those sources first). I’m not really recommending them but I feel like it’s important to mention that they do exist.


You’re the best. Thank you my liege

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