Recommend a school/mystery order?

I’m going back and forth on this whole GD thing… but I know there are those who don’t rate the current one- I get the impression that’s due to the imperator rather than the teaching?

But I would like to find something that a) I can afford and b) will open up doors in magick that I couldn’t alone eg maybe an initiatory school isn’t a bad idea

Have you learned the basics of the Golden Dawn, like the Pentagram and Hexagram rituals? You can learn the initiate level stuff from any of the public literature released by its members.

From there, you could ask the current itself if you should join the actual order or not.

One option you might want to look into is the OAA, EA’s occult order. While it is no longer on the physical plane, its adepts, the Barons, are active in the astral realms, and will initiate you when you accept the first of the 18 Flames. The only cost to you would be buying a copy of the Discourses and the time spent doing the exercises.


No I’ve learnt just a few basics so far and the NAP version which is trimmed down.

It’s that though where I don’t know what I need to learn… so LBRP and MP and bornless one - that’s where I am at learning. MP is probably one I feel confident in. LBRP - nap version you don’t draw pentagrams and id like to learn that version with them by heart so I don’t have to look at a book/video during it.

Lon Milo Duquette said that everybody has a degree in the Astrum Argentum.

You would be better off learning the proper Lesser Banishing, than depending on the watered down NAP version, especially if you want to join the actual order.

Geoff Grey-Cobb, in his quest to create a simplified system, greatly reduced the effectiveness of the rituals.

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The Quareia - I follow it loosely at the moment. It’s free and just requires your commitment.


If you feel that GD is the route for you then go for it.
As stater earlier the beginner stuff there are many sources on. As EA usually says, find a proved system and Stick to it. Basicly learn it all then you can tweek it. Nothing wrong with the GD system even as you out it ppl argue that its not the real anymore chances att you will not try to get that far up the hierarchy that it Will matter.
Follow your intuition but put im the work needed aswell. I can also recommend some of the texts from Regardi aswell.


I’m gonna try this one I think to begin… I have a rider Waite deck and it looks quite good…

Josephine McCarthy’s qvareia is free and very useful if you can pick the new age bullshit out of it.

You can never go wrong with the Corpus Hermeticum, the Kybalion, or the Tao Te Ching either.


There are quite a few versions of the Golden Dawn out there. Only one of them has David Griffin as Imperator. I think he’s rubbish, but thats me. They are a good way to have structured magical training from beginner on.

Quareia is modern, free, and also a good structured program. The A.’.A.’. That is not affiliated with the OTO is also free, but its out dated. Its interesting for those who have had some experience under their belts IMO.

The main thing is to really be committed to whatever you choose. It will all translate into LHP or whatever u want.


No idea if I want LHP RHP or even just chaos Magick tbh. But I’m gonna start with the free one as well as NAP. Just need to find myself the right candle and will begin - think mine are all scented!

This is QUAREIA btw. I wouldnt consider NAP a system. Youre not going to get what you seem to be looking for with NAP. If all you want is spell like instructions NAP is fine. However, it wont give you the training needed to become a competent magician.

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Truthfully I’d be happy with NAP alone just for having fun and happiness in life.

But I’m a seeker - and probably won’t stop till doors open

Lots of stuff to check out!

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