Recommend a book to learn about goetia

I am looking for a book that gives lots of information on every demon of the goetia their powers and what they can do. Not looking for a grimoire but a book that goes into detail about each demons powers like a modern handbook the older books seem outdated.


Um…the Goetia?

Everything is derived from the original Lesser Key of Solomon so that is the best place to learn about each demon.

However, if the archaic language of the original turns you off then look into getting a copy of S. Connolly’s Demonology Goetia.

I will tell you, though, that there is no “handbook” ever written that will tell you everything about the demons of the Goetia. A lot of stuff has to be learned through working with them.


You may be interested in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. It contains three modern, workable methods for working with the 72 demons, and provides very practical and clear descriptions of the demons’ powers. I’ve used all three ritual methods and called forth dozens of the demons, and I have achieved great results.

The introductory material also serves as an excellent guide into the magick, and I have read it many times. The author and his colleagues demonstrate their combined wisdom, knowledge, and experience quite well.

The kindle edition is also only around $10, an incredibly modest price to pay for what has the potential to be a lifetime of magick.


Shinri, I am looking into summoning Cameo the black thrush with the sword who can gift men with the understanding of the language of animals, I would be really gratefull if you have any good advice for this to work,:slight_smile:
Please reply when you can and have an great week


Shinri thanks I will look into this book seen it mentioned before on this site. I read there are rituals and you can write? Which is stronger in your opinion.

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@Miles I would suggest reading the book that I mentioned and working with the first ritual method, the Petition for Results. I believe this is the method you are referring to @Poppy19. In this ritual, you transcribe your desire into a special demonic cipher, which is written on a small piece of paper and then burned in the ritual.

The latter two methods are both rituals of evocation, with one being somewhat more complex and challenging to perform than the other. All three rituals work well, and if you are curious as to why you would use one over the other, the book does a good job explaining this. I’ve received results with all three, and I would say the Petition is an excellent way to get started working the magick due to its relative simplicity.

Now @Miles, may I ask why you wish to contact Camio? While I am not too familiar with the descriptions in the old grimoires, from what I understand they are often allegorical in nature, rather than completely literal. With the traditional descriptions of the Goetia, however, the powers seem to be more-or-less exactly the same (it seems like all them supposedly teach “all the liberal arts and sciences”), however, and their usefulness is rather doubtful.

Here, it appears that “the language of animals” is allegorical. According to DoM, Camio grants the following powers (and not only to men):

To communicate well with those who are less intelligent, so that they understand your wishes

To make those who oppose your ideas see your wisdom

To know if a planned meeting will be hostile or welcoming

As you can see, “animals” in this case was not referring to literal animals, but to people with a lower level of intelligence relative to yourself. Camio is associated with birdsong, but beyond this the association with living creatures seems to end. I have not evoked this particular demon, however, so perhaps you will notice strange behaviors in the animals around you when the spirit is called into your life.

the Goetic workbook by S.Conolly.

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  • Demonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly
  • Goetic Words of Power by Tristan Whitespire
  • Goetia Pathworking by Conwin Hargrove
  • Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield
  • The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer

These are the books I have in my library that involve the Goetia. The last book I listed is a little different in that both the demon and its corresponding angels are summoned for each ritual. But all of these books list the powers, and you’ll find something new in each book. I know I did.


I bought this book, i am from Perù so i am transleting it with my bad english jejeje