Recitation Of Odins Names

Recitation Of Odins Names

This rite is to align your being with Odin not just Odin, but it aligns your temple your psyche, your subtle bodies and your energies to Odin.

Place the eye of Odin, or his name in runes or anything that represent Odin.

Then around it place three white candles in a triangular fashion, then structure on the ground a vortex.

See the vortex as if it was spinning box clockwise and counterclockwise, as you structure this say

" may my voice travel across Yggdrasil, may my voice be heard, across the nine worlds, across the nine realms hear me all father hear me now ".

Now look at Odin’s sigil or symbol or name etc. But scry into it, inviting those energies and altering your mind allowing yourself to enter a trance.

As you do this speak from your Zeal chakra, as if the words are leaving that chakra, speak from the godly mouth, this empowers your will and intent.

Then recite these names.

" Odin, Wotan, Wodan,
Bodin, all father, Wise one,
King of the aesir, One eye, the wanderer, The hanged one, Son of borr,
Spear shaker, Riser of the dead,
The hooded one, Grimnir,
Teacher of gods, Mighty one,
Lord of Valhalla, High one,
Raider, Helm bearer, Iron Grim "

When you begin to recite them, feel the shift not only in your environment but in your very being.

Perform this about three to four times a week and the changes are crazy I won’t tell you, I’d be robbing you of the chance to find out for yourselves.

Ps. I didn’t use all of odins names I would increase the amount of names you use the more you do it.




I won’t go into details, but just be careful when dealing with Odhinn.



I know what you mean i’ve worked with him for a while now.

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Odhinn is a furious force.

So, is Odin the same as Lucifer? And what is the Eye of Odin? Like the third eye in our mind type of thing?

I thought these Norse God’s didn’t have sigisls; yet, your post said you used one or something called runes.

Does Freya have an opening like this? And is it customary to work with them together?

But if Odin could possibly be Lucifer, then where does that leave Freya?

Huh! Okay. Well, then, I actually found this helpful.

Odin and Lucifer aren’t really the same no, the norse don’t originally have sigils but in today’s age people can request sigils from them or make sigils for them to empower for your use.

Odin and Lucifer aren’t the same people, that’s usually some lhp nonsense, even Loki is claimed to be a mask of Lucifer by a small few.



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Thank You. You answered my question. I can go delete my other post on this.

I appreciate you! Will bookmark to read later.

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I’m just going to set this down right here:



thank you for this. looooved this!!!

i can use this!!!

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I highly recommend the rest of their material as well. Especially ‘In Maidjan’ for a demonstration of how to sing the entire Elder Futhark in one breath. I still use that as a meditative practice.

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thank you. i will check them out.


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