Recieving a vision from within

Right now few minutes ago, i was seeing deep within my mine, a huge ship like structure it was so colossal it was a estimate 200 stories high it was tappered, the tappered at front started 200 stories high.

The tappered part was curved from 200 stories down to 90 stories hight at very front, the curved tappered part was not concaved, it was very chunky shape, riddled with structures all over, it was like it was facing towards me not directly towards me, it was on a angle with a bright yellowish sun glow on right hand side, also when it showed up within my mined i started to feel a very violent vibration within me very powerful and very fierce.


Did you get a name of the vessel?

What your describing sounds like a huge cruise ship that are now in service. A vision with a ship often refers to a spiritual journey, and this dream can show that you have new possibilities going forward especially with a massive ocean liner.

Regarding the ship and the large sun shining through from the sky. In ancient times the boat or ship is considered an important to increase people’s survival. There were many different accounts of traveling by boat with spiritual texts and how the boat can help point to spiritual enlightment. The boat is connected to the doors of the sky. The doors of the sky was basically an association with our own spiritual plane.

Remember that, the boat is your vehicle to move from one point to the next thus, it is a representation of your will. The way you navigate it will be either the stormy seas or the wind with calm water to move you forward.