Recently Became Interested in Elementals [Questions]

I’ve recently become drawn to the idea of working with elementals if at all possible and I’m finding very few beginner friendly references/threads. Also, I currently working with beings of the infernal pantheon so…

Are there any notable similarities?

Is there anything I should keep an eye out for? (possibly negative or otherwise)

Are there any qualms elementals may have with the aforementioned entities?

Obviously there are Water, Fire, Air, and Earth elementals but are there any others?

If I think of any of questions I’ll put them in thread.
Please try not to over do it with the explanation because then may just start getting confused…

Depending on how you want to work on them, you.could look here

It would be a mistake to think this is just about working with Gods and Goddesses.


Yes. You can work with the hierarchy, same as with demons, by evoking each of the four kings (in his book Evoking Eternity, EA Koetting says it would be more appropriate to call them “warlords”), Paralda, Djinn, Nichsa, and Ghob, and ask to be taught about their respective elements. They can teach you how to master each within yourself, as well as in the outside world.

Yes, there are elementals of modern electricity and nuclear power. You could probably also find elementals for the four fundamental forces of nature - electromagnetism, gravitation, and the weak and strong forces- if you go looking.

No, elementals tend to be fairly neutral. When it comes to underworld and celestial energies, they stand in between, closer to the material world than either.