Recent Meditation Result


Not sure exactly how to start this, and quite frankly I am a bit nervous because I’ve never openly talked about nor asked people many questions about my meditations or experiences. However, I have had a recent breakthrough in my meditations.

Okay, so the other day I bought a new leather bound notebook to take notes in about what I learn in these meditations. Later on in the day after I am out of work and at home, I get the urge to meditate then and there, so I do my usual meditation and this time I actually got results unlike my others. When normally i get images in my meditations this time I get voices and the overwhelming feeling of the walls, ceiling and floor around me pulsating as if theyre breathing. The only thing i recieved were two words and the meditation then abruptly broke.

The words i recieved were either
Bolok Tugasan- which I am told means “Task Assignment”
Bolok Tugasa- which I am told means “The end is over”

I am not sure if this has anything to do with me buying the notebook and officially starting my path, or if it is simply them telling me they have something they want me to do. If it is them assigning me a task/assignment then how do i find out what it is they want me to do?

First, find out who was the entity that communicated with you, after that, evoke them or just ask them to communicate with you again in your sleep.

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I did get a reply, it was not quick, but was a reply nonetheless.
When I did ask earlier I got a reply saying that it’s name is of no significant importance as I won’t find it in my “Pethetic network searches” probably referring to me doing research on the names i get. But it did say that it is “my darker repressed self” or something to that extent.

Sounds interesting.