Recent healing experience

Hey all!

New to this thread but I just wanted to share and hopefully inspire. I got a cooking job working with Lukorst (I’ll tell that story on the money thread) I handle the grill at a bar along with some deep frying goodness. Now I’m about 4 weeks in and so a few spatters of hot oil on me is expected, but yesterday, closing up I dropped the fryer lid into the oil and got a good splash of deep fried oil on my forearm.
I handle pain well enough but I made the mistake of sloughing off the skin rubbing it as a reaction(fry cooking 101 don’t do that lol) in any case I was just going to take it and keep it moving. On the way home, the pain intensified and I guess the best way to describe it is that I didn’t want to deal with it while I slept.
As a result, while walking home I channeled ki energy to the area and with the image of my fore arm whole, and have it consume the area. I’d like to say it looked picture perfect afterwards (no longer a fore arm model lol) the pain subsided to a tender feeling. Today there’s no pain at all, though there’s a boil. I figured its worth mentioning because when I decided to consume the pain it did and it was gone, now if I could have figured out how to keep the flesh from boiling I’d be patting myself on the back.