Receiving knowledge

So something rather odd just happened. I was sitting at my desk when I found myself lured into a meditative state. Shortly afterwards, the knowledge of how to build what I later found was a simple electric motor just came into my head.
I’d like to stress that I had no previous knowledge of electric motors ( or much mechanical knowledge at all. I’m actually pretty useless in that regard ).
Anyone else experienced this kind of stuff in the past. I’ve received sigils before, but this is the first time I’ve received technological information. Not even sure where it came from.
Edit: just had a couple more bits if info, though I haven’t made sense of them yet. Reckon I’ll draw them and see if it makes something that I could build


Yeah demons can teach some interesting things. Id imagine they habe high tech Lambos in their world.


Heya OP! Tesla received technological information from visions all the time, iirc it’s how he first came across the idea for what we call “Tesla coils”?

It’s normal with large amounts of mercurial energy. Tweak the collection fields and you’ll start getting information for magical machinery, which may or may not be physical in design. :slight_smile:


How i am interupatating the visions could be a new project or a task. The massive horseshoe type magnet seems to be more of a symbol presented to you, traditionally shaped magnets are based on positive events. The magnetic field is connected to how you are perceived and connected to your hidden desires. The symbol of a magnet may be a sign you need to draw more people around you, the need to feel protected or to have someone or something to rely on.


In a different way, yes. Im still trying to figure out myself the underlying cause of this that offers one the ability to “reach further”. I’ve been speculating and believe there might be a higher chakra available to work with.


So I’ve spent a but of time looking at this more in terms of exactly what I was taught and I’ve thought up a little desk curio I could make from it, and then charge stupid amounts for :slight_smile: ( also seemed to be some potential applications in electricity production, but I’ll have to pitch it to a friend of mine before I’m sure on that.)

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Should be noted that electric motors in many of their base principles are the same as the energy body in many places so it is not a far leap to go from energy work into creating physical equivalents. I know of one exercise where one polarity of energy is transfered down the inside of the body into the earth in a clockwise direction and the opposite polarity of energy is pulled up counterclockwise around the body and this gives rise to an extremely powerful charge of energy and auric field that can have some very serious effects if practiced diligently. Effectively the same base principle as producing electricity through rotation. It could be the information was suppose to correspond to energy work but the concepts were best conveyed by technological means so I would apply what you got to energy as well as physical and see what comes of it.


Thanks, I’ll give that meditation a try. Been getting little prods to improve faster for a while but I’d been putting it off