Received hatred at metaphysical shop

I needed some charcoal and some incense. So, I found a metaphysical shop near where I was at, walked in, and immediately I started getting a weird vibe off of the shop owner, as the lady and her daughter were both glaring daggers at me. The guy running the shop was nice enough, but he seemed a little bit reserved towards me. Maybe the tattoos threw him off.

I thought to myself, whatever, I pay for my goods, and I left. I might have been about 10 minutes down the road, when I started to develop a splitting headache, and my stomach and kidneys started to hurt.

Why is it that so many of these supposed right hand / white lighters have such an affinity for casting curses and being otherwise nasty, while we on the left hand path are typically a lot more reserved with who we throw metaphysical nails at?

I went ahead and did a short healing on myself, but this is still such b*******. Normally, even if I walk into a shop that is totally the polar opposite of what I’m into, there’s usually a mutual respect. Not at this place!

Whenever I decided to get back into this lifestyle, I totally forgot about the vindictive Hypocrites out there that run the so-called happy shops.


And that would be why I avoid those shops. I’ve also noticed when the people get like that… the shop tends to die after a year or two. So pop some corn, get a lawn chair, chillax where you can see. It’ll come back.


Well, I still got some needed supplies…so, not a total loss. Still, it feels weird having to smudge coal and incense.

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Go in again and ask them why they choose to attack you. If they get all high and mighty, explain that you were attacked unprovoked after your previous visit, and that the only reason why you haven’t retaliated is because you don’t like to hurt people unless you absolutely have to.

Show them the higher road that they failed to follow.


I’m simply cutting all physical ties and being sure to sever all cords. All of their “spines” and “arrows” will be returned to sender. Never cast the first blow, but never hesitate to land the last one!


I agree with that, but when they are so below you as to be not worth the effort to retaliate. It’s often better to put them in their place and if they try to attack again, then you destroy them.


most of these stores are owned by RHP white magicians aka Wiccans they hate the demonic and could probably sense them on you…


oddly enough I buy my mystic shit at the mall enjoy a nice pretzel check out some hot teen girls in shorts go buy my incense from one of those eastern stores or a hippie store like earthbound and I’m good


I just left an incredibly awesome shop, and they even do seminars featuring Black magicians and Chaos sorcerers so I honestly am in a way better mood than I was whenever I first posted this.


Woah there OP, dont go jumping guns on the blame train. Most people don’t have the kind of skill it takes to activate ‘triple-eyes’, AKA hitting multiple targets like that with a glance. It sounds like this was brewing.

They may have picked up on something unhealthy in or around you, that you weren’t aware of previously, and their glances introduced it to your primal awareness. They could’ve inferred something about you as threatening, and sometimes occult shops have serious protection in place. Do some I Ching.


Meh, the hell with them, the shop was too fluffy-foofoo for me anyways. I am not gonna sully my hands on them. My destiny calls, and I mean to answer. I’m already putting them out of my reality. I refuse to be sidetracked by some Super-Christian, wanna be psychics on a power trip. I am on my path, I work my will upon the world, and if they were a significant threat, passive activation of a hidden trap or active attack be damned, I would have already sent their business spiralling into chaos.

A wolf is not concerned with the affairs of sheep.


All predators can get surprised, and the worst of them are often disguised as sheep.

Don’t let your thought processes or internal identity politics stop you. That includes from ensuring the safety and continuation of your agenda.

In the Del Toro show ‘The Strain’, there’s a quote that’s relevant enough to drive the point home without talking about wisdom or anything like that:

“Complacency is the enemy of empires.”


Point taken and noted. Either way, I have to remember to keep my defenses up, maybe remember to scan these places first. Use my entire toolbox. Either way, I just had an incredible channeling experience, so these people cannot ruin my night.


I don’t know how familiar you are with lucid dreaming, but sometimes dreams come with ‘scout’ beings. They’re a tricksy brew that tend to be attention-drawing, and decohere into light when you look too closely. If you manage to subdue one, you could tell it to scout out your path or route and direct you accordingly, though they only really talk if you buy them from their masters.


My lucid dreaming is still random at this point. I’ll take your advice.

I’m still remembering some of my old ways and having to activate long dormant senses.


The trick I recommend is to disrupt your sleeping routines, time, place, position, and so on. Some people try to master the dreams that come with putting your body in a certain position, but IME pattern variance is key to increasing the volume of lucidity.


Just a thought here. Could the symptoms possibly be from your own anxiety stemming from the encounter?

It is possible that they were shooting daggers at you because you reminded them of someone who stole in the store, or someone who was a very nasty practitioner, and so showed you uncalled for bias by watching you like a hawk. For all you know you walked into the store and interrupted a heated discussion without realizing it, so they were shooting you looks like “oh please get this guy out of here so I can keep chewing the other person out, I have a zinger I am waiting to drop…”.

Devil’s advocate. I only suggest this because of the timing. 10 minutes is awfully quick for a true curse to hit someone, including the time/energy it takes to effectively send one to another practitioner. And they were at work during store hours. Just picture it. I’m not saying you were not attacked, I am just saying it might not have actually had anything to do with them.


Anything is possible. By the way, I’m doing pretty good now.


Here is a possibility. I have seen people on the RHP not necessarily realize that they have cursed someone. It is possible for a white magic person to have a bunch of pent up negative energy that they refuse to acknowledge is really there because that would go against their beliefs. Then someone they don’t know walks by that they don’t like some small thing about them and poof they let loose that pent up neg energy but if you asked them about it they might not even realize that’s what they did.Much less admit it. This is what happens when the dark side gets repressed and goes unacknowledged. That’s my 2 cents.


Thought it was worth noting, since this original post, I’m still having to pull things out of my neck. If anything, it feels like the pain that was at first I minor issue in my neck, has swollen, and grown over the past few days. Luckily, I know how to work with energy, so I’m able to do something about it. Coming from a guy that summons up demons to do his Dirty Work, I got to say, that shit was fucking evil.