Received a Very Powerful Answer Today

My girlfriend and I ordered takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Where you sit for takeout was packed tonight, so we sat at a normal table that people who eat the buffet usually sit at. We occassionally go to the buffet, so it’s not unusual to find us there anyway.

My girlfriend and I were talking about the recent changes to my character and how I’ve grown by leaps and bounds in just the last year.

I asked her if she felt like I was getting closer to creating my world the way I’ve dreamed it. I asked that question and then I immediately followed it up with “So do you think I’m acting like a King now?”

I was referring to the mindset that the spirits have taught me to approach my magick with and also to approach my life with. To proclaim myself a King, to raise my personal power, and to build the Kingdom I want to create.

Within a minute of asking that question, the waiter brought us two drinks we didn’t order. We said “Oh, thank you” and were genuinely surprised. He said “Wait just a moment and I will get you napkins”, then hurried away and came back.

We realized he must have made a mistake, thinking we were eating the buffet like we sometimes do. He smiled and said “Oh, no. It’s ok. Enjoy” And then he asked me if Dr. Pepper was ok or if I’d rather have the Diet Pepsi I normally order. I told him it was fine, then he smiled and left.

I felt very odd for a second and I mentioned it to my girlfriend. I said “It’s really odd that he brought Dr. Pepper.” She said “Don’t worry, it won’t kill you this one time.”

And I felt this weird feeling come over me for a split second. I thought “Wait, where I have heard that before?” It seemed very familiar.

A few seconds later, the memory flooded into my mind.

When I was practicing my few experiments at mind control, I invoked Belial and grounded his energy into my aura. It was the first time I really merged with a spirit and I stayed that way for about four hours that day, carrying on a telepathic conversation with him for most of that time.

While I was doing this, I realized this was one step away from a full possession and we discussed that. He explained that many priests during ancient times would allow a god or goddess to possess them so they could speak directly to their followers and walk among them in the flesh.

I thanked him for it by taking him out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I don’t believe he could really taste the food through me, but he did appreciate the thought and the sincere appreciation.

While I was at that Mexican restaurant, I tried to mind control the waitress into switching places with a sexy little waitress that wasn’t actually waiting tables that day.

I imagined myself as a shadow, controlling Belial’s energy of influence, and imagined my shadowy hand entering her head like she was a puppet. In my mind, I spoke to the other girl through her, giving her a plausible excuse to have the other girl wait on me. The last thing I imagined the girl saying was “Treat him like a King.”

Now, that little experiement didn’t work. But I did get served very well and the waitress was very friendly and flirty with me. I would say she definitely treated me like a King that day.

As this memory flooded into my mind, I remembered one very specific thing.

I ordered a regular Dr. Pepper that day because I thought Belial might enjoy the sweetness of it.

You see, I’m a diabetic and I’m very cautious about my sugar intake. I don’t order regular drinks, but I did that day for Belial as a token of my appreciation.

Belial actually asked me if I was sure. And I told him “Don’t worry. It won’t kill me this one time.”

I got my answer. Loud and clear. Almost as soon as I asked it. And I’m humbled by the response.

Valkarath raises his glass to all of the wonderful and amazing spirits he’s worked with.

I love you all, my Brothers and Sisters of the Spirit.


thats so awesome!!
and i understand the drinks. im diabetic too.


That’s so cool, thanks for sharing… :heart: Belial! :smiley:


My old man is a type 2 diabetic.


Thats kinda neat :slight_smile: well done, and congrats!


Very nice! And yeah they can taste.


I have been a diabetic and I managed to get rid of my diabetes through Mr Koetting’s work.

Let me know if I can help.



Thanks, Lotus. For me, my blood sugar spikes as an indicator that something else is wrong in my body.

When I eat healthy, exercise, and everything is balanced, my blood sugars are completely normal.

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Well done.


I have noticed that the first thing each invocation brings is discipline and the will to transform for the better x


That is some refreshing synchronicities wrapped in a big feedback loop!

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