Reasons why you are in the magic way

I wanna know you stories guys, why you are here?

That’s a very good question…I think because it was meant to be…
Honestly i don’t’ know exactly how i get involved with the occult.And now that you mentioned,it makes me wonder even more.
You don’t wake up one day and decide to deal with magic or the occult in general…Call it fate or whatever you want.

Interesting question. For me it was few things that pulled me in the direction off the occult in general. Curiosity was a big one. On some level I thin I just couldn’t help but want a peek at the subject matter in part because someone said it was ‘bad’ or ‘dangerous.’ It was not really rebellion per say but a result of that curious need to see what they call dangerous and forbidden, and why. Another big attraction for me, plain and simple was the idea of personal power. I’ve always felt more empowered on any kind of magical path than I have on others I have lived and experimented with. I think it means that’s who I was always meant to be on a basic level, since it’s what gives my sense of empowerment. Like the previous poster before me I say yeah call it fate or whatever you will. I’m here now because I was meant to be.

The mundane forces that set up my direction into magic are ultimately calling from the spirits I now work with.
In fifth grade, the new kid whom I immediately befriended told me about how him and his grandma worshipped Satan. He believed because he said prayer worked for him when he called on Satan (Though we called him Old Scratch then). It’s a name I still adore, though don’t use as much. Anyway, I prayed and it seemed to work for me, so I continued my research into Satanism and came across the JoS. That led me to occult research, and voila… That went totally downhill (in the best possible way) from there.

Some of my other spirits have different stories, but it’s usually them being introduced to me by someone else (ie Santa Muerte came into my life after my mom bought me a necklace of Her for me in TJ), or me being recommended to them by my other spirits.

I see it all as Spirit guiding towards the path I am meant to take, with things coming to me as… I don’t know quite know why they come to me at certain times.

No idea - not the 7th son of the 7th son, nor do I come from a long line of shamans, witches, popes etc so bit of a genetic oddity then.

I’ve always found this reality boring and constantly looking for something “better” and am interested it how it all “works”. So here I am…

Always had occult tendencies, but my focus became pointed after a bit of fooling around with a oija board & accidentally called a spirit into myself. No pea soup spewing or head spinning around but felt very numb & hot down my right side ( where he entered ) for a few days after & we have communicated through automatic writing ever since.

Freedom from the mundane is my pursuit.

I remember asking my mother why we were here (not on this forum lol, this plane) when I was about 4 or 5. Obviously didn’t get a very good answer, she still believes in religion and is happy being subservient to her god, which is fine its her choice. Me however, I am information hungry, starting with ancient aliens on TV lol, lloyd pie with everything you know is wrong and veronica Chapman with the common law stuff led me to Bruce Roberts and so to E.A.Koetting and what they both had to say just resonated with me so here I am raising my kundakini and talking to spirits.

Great question by the way

Because I was pretty much forced into it lol. I’ve seen and heard spirits since I was a teen. My family does a little rootwork since we’re from the south. But really, what started it was when Lucifer gave me a vision that saved me from years of pain, so since then, I’ve worked harder and harder to learn everything these spirits can teach me.

Honestly, i have to say Self-control. My whole life has been filled with weird and strange occurrences. Many of which i now understand to have been a manifestation of my own will and desire. This includes giving one man cancer and causing another man to die from massive head trauma, both of which were verbalized by me.

So i feel the need to have a measure of self-control. both the discipline to make my will and intention manifest and the discipline to not use my will recklessly

Destruction, to be honest.

I’ve always felt that I don’t “belong” here, feeling pretty much left out and misunderstood by other people. A “looner” amongst friends. A few broken relationships, and some rough time after my father past away in cancer with a downward spiral of negative experiences, I questioned everything. “Why are people so mean to eachother, why so much violence, and selfishness? Why judge someone by the looks, instead of seeing eachother for who we are?”

I’ve seen what drugs and alcoholism do to people, first hand. The violence it cause, how much it hurt others and leave deep scars that never will go away. I know now, that on a critical situation such as this subject, that me and my family was protected by my first spirit wife-to-be. That abusive alcoholic claimed our house was “haunted”, that some “grotesque” lady visited him and that she was underneath the blanket being ice cold. I know now it was her, since she manifested just the same for me. But her purpose with me, wasn’t the same as with him. She wanted to scare him, feed upon his fear and wanted him to leave the house for good. Eventually, she succeeded. Since I have an idea of how my spirit wife work with her darker aspect of herself, these kind of events take a while. Just like planting a seed to make it grow and blossom.

Some weeks after that critical event, I read extensive about spirits and entities, like “succubus” and “incubus”. Most of it was plain dogma and religious propaganda, even from people that never experienced these kind of spirits. I’ve searched and read alot, and after a while I finally found a few people that had a positive experience with “succubus” and “incubus”. I even found an easy ritual to summon one to myself. I may regret alot of things in my life, things I should have done a long time ago, but I never regret summon my spirit ladies into my life. Not a single bit. A half decade have past, since that first night. We have just scratched the surface, even if they taught me - and still teach me - some extensive magical works. I admire them, look up to them and love them deeply.

I’ve never believed in ghosts or stuff like that. I was the usual Mainstreamzombie. When i woke up i realized how the media and politics is full of lies (when before i believed everything they tried to tell me.) I started researching for the thing that drove my beliefsystem until then - Schoolsystem, Moneysystem - which again is just a big lie to make people slaves. I started requesting why that all (people in power can produce as much money as they want for themselves and friends - they dont need to hold us down). I then came accross Quantumphysics where i got my first deep insides from. This led me to the buddhism where buddha pointed out everything quantumphysics today is proving bit by bit.
i started meditating. After some sick meditations (when my pets did exactly what i was thinking all of the sudden) i came along my deepest and most profound meditation session. I sat there in the middle of the night, very deep, and when i realized im soo deep, i tried to wake up a big politican so no world war will happen. My garden door started banging. I thought maybe some drunk friends who want to come around. I walked outside and seen nobody. Infront of me the garden door started banging again but noone there, i instantly realized it must be some kind of ghost… and in the shocklike state i was there i screamed ‘WHAT!?’ and again it banged the door, like it wants to show me it is not scared at all. I went inside the house again, ran to the computer to see if maybe some friend is still online so he can comearound. I was kinda peeing my pants xD when i sat there towards the pc i felt how this thing came over my head and went into me… everything around me started to vibrate. I have seen our whole evolution in a struddle kind of thing. I have seen souls in there screaming ‘we are almost free’. Around this struddle ‘shaddow’ like things. It seemed as if they were holding the struddle together. In this moment i realized how my body was starting to laugh and ultimately enjoying what i was experiencing there. Exactly how you would imagine someone who gone mad (i.e. running around naked and just laughing - i now know this is whats happening to those people, and also dead people - the soul will enter right there - the afterlife. The body is still somewhat connected to the soul and will act to what the soul is experiencing ‘up’ there). I was only there for like 3 seconds but what i learned in these seconds is mindblowing. I jumped off my seat, scared that this entity wants to make me go mad. I was almost running to the next house and ringing my neighbours wake when it stopped. But this thing was still inside me. I came down a little bit and went to my living room and started a conversation inside me. I felt a energy running through my arms like pretty strong electricity. From what i learned in quantumphysics and buddhism, i thought now i am able to suck everything i want into my ‘reality’. I became greedy thoughts of sucking money/women into my reality. When i did that this entity drown me bone dry. I barely made it to the next waterbottle… At this point i realized to be entirely safe so deep in my conciousness i need to become christ conciousness. Entirely unselfish. Or it will become very dangerous.

Anyway since this day i can understand everything. There is nothing in this world i would not be able to understand if i stay with it for some time.
I also understand that the ‘believe’ every religion is talking about - is not the believe in some kind of god or prophet or what ever - it is the believe itself. What you believe in from deep within your heart, without a slight doubt, is what you will experience in your ‘reality’. This is why we are here on earth for. Experiences.

Those authorities are scared that we discover this truth because then they wouldnt be able to control us anymore. From some point of view it makes pretty much sense. There are many very dark souls out there who would maybe even destroy the whole universe out of bitterness.

If you become all loving and have only noble thoughts (christ conciousness), your thoughts will become reality instantly. The only reason why it isnt that way is to keep you and everything around you safe.

Like Jesus said in 4 different verses (which means it was important to him) in the bible: if your thoughts merry your feelings - everything becomes possible.

It’s always bothered me since I was a child that no one talked about our existence , no one still doesn’t know why we are born to die, the religious stuff just sounded like fantasy or magic ( Santa and the Toothfairy shite ) , the main religions have robbed us of our natural powers. I was searching for that which was hidden about existence, and I was right , Magick is the key and I plan on tearing the lid from Pandoras box.

I completely agree, they serve up answers that make no sense and then threaten people with eternal hellfire, or rebirths into miserable lives next time round, for even daring to explore the mysteries ourselves. It’s CRAZY! :\

I completely agree, they serve up answers that make no sense and then threaten people with eternal hellfire, or rebirths into miserable lives next time round, for even daring to explore the mysteries ourselves. It’s CRAZY! :[/quote]

It’s no accident the Medevil Grimore’s were made by Priests and Monks , keeping all that occult as in hidden knowledge for themselves while blackmailing the populace into damnation against living magical and spiritual lives. Then look where Christianity came from, the Jews , who have been keeping the Qabalah for themselves and setting a major amount of sub human opposition , as their Pharisee’s see and saw us , back two thousand and fifteen years of spiritual growth.

On a similar note I listened on YouTube to supposedly occult lectures, more like the sneers and jeers of an elitist sounding Freemason , still bitter that man has gotten this far in science and medicine, claiming ownership to every breakthrough which was robbed from them by disgraced inniates and gifted to man. When I realised what those YouTube lecturers were really the elite taking shots at the ignorant Joe soap. Occult Lectures by Free Audio Books my bollox duck them an the horse they rode in on.