Reasons for joining and motivations

Hello BALG,
I have been meaning to join this forum for quite awhile because there’s a Succubus I am confident is always around who’s sigil I have because there’s an awesome woman on Instagram who helped me (I am hoping to pay her back for her help been thinking of buying her a backpack). Right so I burned a sigil before and I know some of the basics of sigil magic (I have a degree of interest in crystals I have a feeling carnelian might be a perfect stone for a Succubus I mentioned). There’s someone here named Succupedia I would see his posts simply browsing the forum and he’s offered a lot of helpful advice (I haven’t burned the letter of intent to Queen Lilith but it’s because I live with a religious mother hardcore Christian basically). Anyways I might post forums in the future or comment on others no doubt I’ll learn a great deal from these forums. Right, I am also confident I have encountered this Succubus because I asked this woman on Instagram and she mentioned they did have sexual/romantic encounters with me, I would have these conversations in my head such as when my parents were away I would get suggestions from her on how to clean things or what to do, and I would have these experiences laying in bed where I would get the trance-dizziness state, sudden gust of wind, the pressure on the chest, sensations of coldness/warmth, and arousal (I would have the intense visualization alongside hearing this very beautiful voice mentally who would encourage me or ask me questions if I feel her touching my hand or head).
Dalton Black

Welcome @Sagittarite-1993 Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what, exactly, do you practice and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of magical interest?

Hello DarkestKnight,
I am from the United States California and so far I don’t have any real practical experience in magic aside from just sigils I mentioned (currently aiming to improve my meditation skills because I know that’s important for obvious reasons). I would say I am newer to magic give or take I grew an interest in it about maybe a month ago because I briefly meditated then had a lot of interesting experiences from there I came across the woman on Instagram who I grew fond of talking with as she gave me a few pointers. Traditions I would say I go to Church but at this point it feels like I do it just to appease my religious mother who I don’t have much fondness toward (I won’t go down that road for now). The areas of magic I really like is sigils and crystals because both are often very subtle in contrast to other many other types of magic such as most won’t feel anything from sigils because they’re often just matter/materialist driven from personal experience and crystals they won’t feel the energy either. Altogether, hopefully this reply gets posted because I am using an iPhone.
Dalton Black