Reasons for Death Spell/Curse Backfiring

Greetings, so after going through some posts on Death curse/ Baneful Magic I’ve seen many posts on death spell and how to perform so, but also heard about the curses might backfire on you somehow, for some reasons. Can anyone give the reasons for the curses backfiring on yourself or some precautionary steps to follow before I do a death spell? What should I avoid doing while performing the spells? Sorry If this post is already there or answered but I cannot find it, so please help me


The only time a curse will backfire is if the caster has been supremely incompetent. Raising the energy, charging it and then letting it settle on you, rather than channelling it, would cause a backfire of sorts.
Alot of the time, backfiring bane is just the result of someone not thinking it through properly and accidentally messing their own life up as well. It’s not that it backfired, it’s that it had wider reaching consequences than the caster initially thought of.
As for precautions: just do thorough divinations before casting.


If you throw around death curses constantly for really minor issues, the chance would be higher I suppose. Not suggesting you do, of course.

You need to raise the hate and energy and send it in a focussed way too as mentioned.

The only times my work has not worked or ‘back fired’ is when I lacked the proper focus, technique and desire to do a curse without getting distracted with my poor attention span sometimes. Living with others is a hinderance as I have to get angry quietly,instead of what I really need to do.

A Death curse is a serious and final option when all other things have been exhausted or if someone really hurts you or a loved one.

I did one simple bad luck hex on someone once in the early days who crashed her car. She got a new car and lots of compensation so it failed really I suppose. Poor choice of spell and poor direction of energy back then.

If someone has lots of protection it may bounce back somewhat I suppose.


Hiya OP! There are plenty of reasons why a curse might backfire, including magical failure, reversal protections in place, sheer difference in willpower, the claims of other spirits on the subject, as well as just plain luck- you never know if someone’s under the thumb of a meta god until you check! :slight_smile:

A few simple precautions can be taken when cursing: filtering out parasitic spirits that are attached to the energies you’re calling (most are dumb, and if they see you before the target, they’ll try latching on), contracting a deity of war or death to carry out and watch over the spell so that you have an extra, better pair of hands, detoxifying yourself before and after (inner problems will get magnified by resonance if you don’t quell them first, especially where you need to curse multiple times), and being willing to put your life on the line from the get go.

Why? It’s because death is a concept more than an action, and by holding the acknowledgement of the possibility of losing your own life during the rite, you emanate the frequency of mortality- the lethality you’re after. Being willing to risk it all means putting your life on the line to end the life on the other end of the line. If you can’t get there, you can’t pull off a successful curse ime.

Willpower isn’t everything to cursing, but it does make a significant difference. And it’s something that needs training and honing, too, to be precise. :slight_smile:


This is old but for me, if everything’s done right the only thing that will cause a backfire or create issues for yourself with any types of baneful magick is regret. So, don’t curse someone after a petty squabble, someone like a significant other etc you’re still with and around that you’ll regret later. Make sure it’s an enemy you feel no remorse towards. I prefer the idea of making someone suffer than cut clean with death, though.

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Having any empathy with or concerns at all for your victim. That sets up a link.


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