Reasons for a spell not manifesting

I get what you are saying but here is how I feel. I have waited for 6 month and I did not see results. I miss him . How can I properly address the situation and know which type of spell I would need if I dont know the reason?

Also I feel for me to learn , it would take months if not years. I want him to break up with her ASAP

if you are paying for the ritual contact the creator of this website i heard he is good he can tell you the issue and do new ritual for you.

You don’t need to know the reason, if you petition a Goetic Spirit who’s office fits your request, they will figure it out. All you need to do is ask for the end result. What happens in the middle is not your concern. Things will fall into place like a bridge of events that will lead to your ultimate goal. Most of it will be unexpected and will manifest in a way you could possibly not think about.

It doesn’t take years or even months to do a petition spell. Look up the tutorial on here and do it.

You can practice and work on astral senses in the mean time.

this conversation has gone completely out of its purpose! guys I dont feel apt or comfortable to do it myself. please respect that.

I really want to know the reason because 6 month is an awful longtime. I have had enough of them being together and feeling hurt. I want that breakup to happen.

…It took me a year and a half to break my target up with his ex girlfriend. Absolutely no results til he asked me to call him out of the blue and he put it all out on the table. We’ve been friends for 25 yrs and we have a pre-school aged child together.

We don’t know the reason, all we can do is speculate. In order to know the reason you would have to have some form of divination done.

In that case, my apologies.

I do not have an input on your original question except maybe divination from a competent reader.

Wish you luck and hope you find what you’re looking for.

Hey Queen ! long time !

  1. whats the most accurate form of divination to know the reason?

  2. with your breakup spell taking so long, did you ever recast it? how did u deal with that?


I was wondering if anyone can help me with my situation I will be very grateful .

The caster I seeked has recasted the break up spell many times by working with Abaddon for the past 6 month. She always sends me video and picture of it being casted as proof…However they are still together. I am still in no contact with him. A love binding for him and I was done too but I was told manifestation is delayed until they break up.

Would anyone be able to communicate with Abaddon directly to ask him why exactly it hasnt manifested yet? When it will? If any specific ritual is needed ?

Or if there’s a type of reading that has given you accurate answers in the past, please do.

Thank you so much in advance

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I’m sorry but your desperation is enough to block the manifestation.

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Hi @Beach5 :wave:t5::relaxed:

  1. I’m not sure which one would be the most accurate they all have their pros and cons and are specific to the person getting it done. I always use tarot but that’s because it’s what I’m comfortable doing and has always worked for me.

  2. I didn’t recast it, I just waited a bit and moved on to a different spirit. In the end, I ended up working with Andras and Leraje and also did the 33 day breakup ritual. I missed my friend and I hated the fact he was allowing this relationship to keep him away from his child. It wasn’t a romantic relationship but I do understand what you mean when you say you miss him.

Like I mentioned before, there could be a variety of reasons they haven’t broken up yet such as:

Survival. My target said he stayed with the woman because he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

His will to stay with her is stronger than the caster’s will to break them up.

Your doubt is blocking the work.

Other obstacles are blocking the work.

Also, you mentioned in a previous post you’re no contact with him. Does he have a way to contact you? Is there a path leading back to you? Have you thought about sending a new love interest that is better than your ex to her?

Attack the situation from different angles…


Okay, so here’s a quick lesson for folks reading this (including you Beach5) to learn from. If you’re hiring someone to cast a spell, and they tell you something like “well the target is casting magick to block my shit” …there is a 95% that they are lying. You need to do a bit of deductive reasoning sometimes with stuff like this and not just take peoples word on places like etsy.

The vast vast vast vast majority of people out here in the world are not occultists. The odds that your targets in any situation are casting any sort of magick against you is honestly close to zero percent. There are many more reasons that I would consider first before even entertaining the idea of this being the reason for my failure. Unless you live in some witches coven, or you only date 33 degree masonic lodge members, assuming that your magick failed because your target casted a spell is a bit silly imo. The motive for this etsy spellcaster to say that would be to give themselves cover for the fact that they actually are not good magicians at all, so they use that very convenient excuse whenever they can.

The other thing to consider is that its not an easy feat to divine exactly what magickal spell a target cast without actually being there in the room. If this magician you hired is so good that they are able to tell you this detailed information, I find it curious that after half a year of time, they haven’t been able to break through this supposed spell yet. This isn’t the most complex request in the world, and although magick does sometimes take time, a request as straightforward as this shouldn’t take quite this much time for a magician experienced enough to sell their services to deliver on. My guess is that whoever it is, isn’t actually very good and so they’ve resorted to lying to you in the hopes that you eventually drop them and move on to someone else.



I miss him and I want him back ! :frowning: this is someone I have known for years.

after the spells were casted for the first time he blocked me on social media and whatsapp. So if he wants to talk to me all he has to do is unblock.

I am not doubting the Demons it’s just like I believe I should have seen some positive movement by now.

Apart from the caster telling me there is something on him, I had a dream about it before I was even told this and then the behavior I saw from him it was like he was blinded. It just wasnt him. So thats why when the caster said that his ex did something, I believed her

I dont know how to do spells myself … If anyone could help me and do it I would appreciate it

I believed her when she said there is something as I had dreams and saw behavior of him before being told this.

However I do agree 6 month with no results is weird. I am not sure where to find a true caster… any idea?

Yes, you do. A simple petition is something you can learn to do in five minutes. There are many tutorials here, so even if you don’t own any grimoire, you have all the basic tools within reach.

We can only guess, but I think QueenMustang has a very good point:

…or some other thing along those lines. You see, sometimes all the reasons in the world to leave are not enough is that the only place you have (to live, to work, whatever). And this is something most people forget quite easily.


It took me 18 months to get my target to even talk to me. Why I dont know.

Etsy casters are there for the money. Plain and simple. Not saying they are frauds per se. But they rely on your return patronage as this is strictly for profit. Second I would not rely on “she did this” or “she did that”. Not saying its a lie but again if you dont really know and have not had that confirmed in your own divination, I would wonder.

I have never been a fan of others casting spells for me. From day one I have been against it. Every spell I have cast has worked. Some may take 18 months… but it happened. You need to realize your strong desire is enough. Your will is enough. No other witch or magician can top that for you. They can try but in the end all they care about is getting paid. You need to do this yourself. You need to understand that the time it takes is not up to you. If you know reason and divination will tell you, work on those angles. If the relationship is supported by a third party. Go after the third party and destroy that support. You need to change your train of thought and say “F it, i am strong enough and will make this happen” Honestly your overthinking it. Ive been there believe me.

Your going to make things happen faster if you do them yourself than what someone else does for you. And that is the god honest truth. If you want faster results. Get busy. I say this in kind as ive been a practicing witch for nearly 30 years. Trust me.

  1. I think 3 months lusting are enough time to mess it up and create resitance of manifestation.

  2. Or the caster was not good.(idk)

  3. Or they protected their relationship from magick.
    You never know who is using magick and how.

I am starting to believe in reinforcing magick.

No just set and forget but
Set forget remember return
Set again
Then pull away again

See what happens , feeling it out. I dont know.
Why should there be ONE way to get to the goal…


My magic always gets a result that is fully in accordance with my true will.

Sometimes, that result is even what I expected and what I said I wanted when I did the magic.

Crowley said that anyone could become a Magister Templi (practically speaking, the highest degree attainable in this life) simply by taking the oath of the grade. Namely, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I will accept everything that happens to me as being a part of my true will and necessary for my ascent to godhood.”

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@ReyCuervo But I wouldnt know how to summon a Demon and who’s willing to work with me… I am scared of having intrusive thoughts or screwing it up.

@ViktoriaMourning I had dreams about the girl doing a spell on him before the caster on etsy told me anything. and his behavior it was like he was blinded . he was someone I didnt recognize. I have known him for years and this wasnt him. But I understand what you mean about etsy. Are you able to do a divination for me? this will help me to understand whats going on but also what type of spell is needed. :pray:

@QueenMustang Sorry as I was reading your message again …whats the 33 days ritual? and how do you petition Leraje with Andraje?

Please do not offer to do magick or channel for others @Ranbir_Saini. You have not been here long enough to do so, and It is a breach of our 90 day rule.